Rule 2: Excercise - Don't become a Fat Refrigerator

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Article written by Mehru Roshan, a Naturopath.

  • Fat Storage is an important survival feature
  • It is not your fault if you are fat
  • 20 minutes a day is all you need to move

Yes, there is no more running away from the subject, although this is exactly what you will need to do, run. The second mighty rule is "Exercise". Oh, I am sure each one of you knew it before you started reading this article, so no credit to me. I am not going to teach you how to exercise as there is no single way. What I intend to do is bring it your mind's attention 'Why  20 minutes a day is absolutely must for the well being of your body?". I bet your mind will like the meaningful explanation and will want to co-operate here on. So, this article is not directed to you, unlike 'rule 1 where you attempt to take control of your mind, here I suggest you let the mind be the boss.



From our previous discussion, you will have realised, that we accumulate a lot of energy, while eating whole day. This energy needs to be spent by the end of the evening (not day).
If you are a construction worker, you need not read this article, your body is already happy and grateful for all the physical activities you endeavour at work place, And if, you are a 9 - 5 type worker with nothing but your 10 fingers and eyeballs moving once in a while, this is for you.
One of my friends here recently asked me.....  why are the whales so fat, if exercising is so good ?. He referred to the humongous body of the sea creatures that keep growing day after day in spite of swimming whole day.  I chuckled to myself, and realised the importance of having the appropriate subject knowledge in such matters.
As much as I want to keep the subject simple, it is a must at this phase to introduce a few uncommon words 'Hibernation' 'blubber' and 'leptins'.
Many animals and birds go through a natural phenomenon of 'Hibernation' period, which could be for several months. Hibernation is the nature's solution to not let them die of starvation, massive amounts of fat is stored within the body. The percentage of fat differs from one creature to another. Camels have a big hump on their back this is helpful when they don't find food for several days, Also, monkeys, frogs, birds that migrate 1000s of kilometres and sea creatures such as whale , seals and penguins are only a few to name.
Whales are kept warm by such fatty layer called ' Blubber' under their skin , which can be as thick as 2 feet. Blubbers also provide energy to the host when it has to sustain a long term starvation.
Interestingly, we human beings are also capable of storing massive amount of fat, however this fat has no valuable use, other than adding mass to our body and cause health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hi blood pressure, stoke and gallstones as well as some cancers and forms of arthritis.


Normally, whenever our body acquires large volume of fat, a hormone called ' leptin' is released. This hormone plays the role of a traffic police, by signalling the brain to decrease food intake. The 'Leptins' are at high level in fat people. That is why, there are a lot of us who are fat, but don't even eat as much as 4 year old does.
When 'Leptins' do not signal the brain appropriately, we can't decide for ourselves and our body craves for anything to pass in. As I have mentioned in my previous article “How to control your urge to eat?”, it is a very good idea to answer this call with water immediately. This will wake up the sleeping hormones and deceives them with a belief that we ate food. This condition, I believe is commonly explained as a genetic disorder.
So you see, it is not our fault all the time that a few of us are fat. It is simply a case of deficient hormone secretion inside. This is when, we end up saying ' I have tried everything, can’t help being fat?' well this is the reason. You either have dense bone mass or you have a genetic disorder.
So what is the solution? Well, because, you don't know what group you belong and don’t want to wait, until it is too late and your body refrigerates kilos of fat as if you are going to hibernate, you must beat the treadmill every single day, get that heart beat high at self phased intervals and help the body to heal naturally. When your body exercises the demand for energy touches the peak and it is now, it decides to use the stored fat.


This is the one and only way ...... get running. I mean , exercise prevent yourself turning into a Storage box , involve fun loving routines, introduce a variety in your exercise, try steps, strength, cardio, power yoga, pilates.... you name it and simply get going. Trust me your body is worth it, every time you give some care it will rejuvenate and help your confidence too.I wish you all good health; hope you find this article useful. If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave your comments here.
with love,


Hi Mehru, I alwys wonder

Hi Mehru,

I alwys wonder the Other half of the people not discussed in this topic. Take my friend for example. He is very lean and would like to put some weight. No matter what he tries or how much he eats His weight never increases. I kind of feel jealous about these people. They can eat all they wish and still stay fit. Is it also because of hormones?

Is there any magical treatment that will migrate me to this half :-)

Great Article

Yes , there is a magical way

You are not sailing alone, many of us have at one stage or the other wondered like wise. Well, you are right it is mostly genetic along with many other factors, why your friend is what he is

It is a good question that I decided to write a new article. Visit the following link to read

Give it a good read and take a deep breath of relief , it is not your fault after all.

Thank you ,

Me :)