How to renew (reissue) your Indian Passport in India

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Getting your Passport re-issued (renewed) can be a cumbersome affair.  By following these simple guidelines you can ensure that your passport is re-issued quickly without any hassles.

Things You'll Need

  1. Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first four and last four pages, including ECR/ECNR page.
  2. If the old passport was issued when you were a minor or did not have the ECNR stamp – provide attested copy of matriculation or degree certificate
  3. Proof of address if different than the one on the old passport. Acceptable documents include phone, gas, electricity bill, ration card, spouse or parent’s passport copy
  4. Recent passport size photographs (Three) in colour showing frontal view of full face are required.



Re-issue vs. Renew

A new passport is re-issued (not renewed) when a current passport (validity of 10 years or more) is 1 year from expiration or it is less than 3 years after it has expired. A passport issued with a validity of 1-5 years under certain emergency conditions can be renewed at no additional cost. This article covers the re-issuance of a Passport that was issued with 10 years or more of validity.


The Application Form

The Application Form for re-issuing a Passport is the same as the one required for a new Passport.  You can get the Application Form from any Passport Service Center/Office or any Post Office. You can also use the link below.


Fees Required

The application fee for reissue of a passport is the same as a new application. Passport for Adult (36 page) – Rs. 1000, Passport for Adult (60 pages) – Rs. 1500 and Passport for a Minor – Rs. 600. It is better to take extra cash with you when submitting the application as there are additional fees for Police Clearance Certificate/ECNR Reqd, etc.


Where to Apply

Completed Passport Application Forms with Supporting documents can be submitted at Passport Offices, District Passport Cells/Collector’s Office/DSP’s Office or at Speed Post Centers. Please be sure to note down the File Reference Number.


How to check status of Application

You can check the status of your application online by providing the file reference number at the Consular and Passport Division Website


  • If you have a busy lifestyle and do not wish to waste your time, use a reputed Travel Agent who can get you a passport quickly for a small fee. The travel agent will also be able to verify that your documentation is accurate and sufficient.
  • If you have any other questions or situations please use the link below for the official website of the Indian Passport Division.


In case a person has resided at more than 1 place in the past 1 year, then a separate Person Particulars form (part of the Passport Application) needs to be filled out for each address that he has resided at, for the past 1 year.


Till to day i have not

Till to day i have not received reply.
please reply at the earliest

5yrs passport

I was a minor before 5 yrs when i was issued a passport with a validity of 5 yrs.. my agent says that i will have to apply for new passport.. bt here i heard that the term of the passport can be increased by 5 years...what shall i do?????????

passport undelivered

I ahve applied for the passport at Bangalore passport office. Before the passport is issued to me i need to reloacte to kolkata.I have received notification that my passport has been returned from my Bangalore home address.
Reason behind this is my urgent relocation to Kolkata for business requirement.

Please let me know what needs to done for this.
I dont find any details in the passport website. Do I need to visist the Bangalore passport office? If yes what documents is required. Please advice.

Re-Issue of Passport

The Expairy date of my Passport is 20th June 2011. When I should Re-Issued my Passport?

Reissue after 10 years under Tatkal - documents required

Since no police varification is required for reissue cases, I want to know whether 3 documents out of the list at Section IV (C) of Passport Information Booklet are also required to be submitted at the time of application for reissue along with Affidavit at Anexure I or only Anexure I shall suffice?

wifes passport issued in bhopal...last6yeards residinginchennai

My wifes passport was issued in bhopal. last six years in chennai. need to apply for minor child's passport. Should my wife's passport include husband's name and current resident status(chennai) before applying for minor child's passport ?



My passport has ECR Stamp and I got ITI Certificate, and withing 10days i can get employment visa from UAE
What is good solution for removing ECR Stamp from my passport?
shall i go to passport office along with my certificate for reissue or shall I wait for visa and get ECNR to showing visa ? please advise

hi everyone

hi everyone,
my passport has expired on 27/03/2008,it passed 3 years of expiry date,what should i do me out

EAP-1 form

How can I get urgent Tatkaal passport in form EAP-1 form .

tatkaal passport

How can I get urgent passport in 15 days in EAP-1 form

Is it require to renewal my 20 years passport

Dear Sri / Madam,

I have passport of 20years validity, now it is completed 10 years.
Can i have to renewal now or use same passport for still expiry.

Please tell us.

Re-issue without expiry?

My passport does not have any pages left.
This passport has my old address and will expire in 2017. I have been staying at a new address in Mumbai for over a year and have address proofs (landline bill, gas, building maintenance receipts etc.) for the new address. I want a passport that has my new address - question is should I apply for a "Fresh Passport" or "Re-Issue of Passport / Additional booklet".

Am confused because I want two things (address change + fresh pages) and am not sure if I am elligible for applying for a fresh passport since it is not yet expired!!

Would really appreciate some clarity!

Thanks you

reissue of passport

I have an Indian Passport issued to me in 1997 with a 20year validity. Last month when I was on a trip to Singapore, an airport officer asked me to apply for a renewal, stating that 20yrs validity passports are no longer accepted. Kindly advise me regarding this.



passport renewal

My passport expired 7 years ago. Can I renew it? What is the procedure for it?

renewal of passport


please help

kindly please let me know how to apply for renewal of passport and where to fill the form if have any website to download the form please help

renewal of passport with the addition of spouse name

I want to know that my present passport bears my parental address as well as with the surname i had before marriage.I have got married 3mnths back.My husband is in AUSTRALIA and I have also filed my case for which I require PCC and for that passport authorities suggested me to add up my spouse name if i want to declare that Iam married.Can u please tell me how long it will take for my new passport to be issued either in normal or in tatkaal and can i continue my same name and address as my passport depicts without changing my surname?

lost passport

i lost my passport in Hyderabad.
i applied it on Coimbatore while i was a student.
but i am basically from Hyderabad.
where i have to apply for passport (in Coimbatore/Hyderabad)?




dear sir
i have applied for re-issue of my passport before 6 months of expiry of my current passport. it was issued from delhi at my delhi address. now i have applied online but through NORMAL mode from lucknow passport office with my current address in lucknow. i want to know the maximum time frame for getting my renewed passport.
second thing is that they have returned my old passport with cancellation cross mark on first page. can i use this passport for applying new visa to gulf countries? is it require also to have minimum 6 months validity of passport to stamp any visa?
third is, do i need for Police clearance certificate for gulf countries? how long it will take for the process and which is the easy channel to get it?
plz reply asap.

Renewal of passport

I would like to know how to get renew my passport as right now I am in Cameroon and I am travelling back to India around 25th Aug 2011 and my return ticket is on 30th Oct 2011 and my passport is getting expired on 27/02/2012. I am holding a residence visa for Cameroon upto 16/11/2011
Please guide me for the same how to renew my passport, so that I can return on 30th Oct 2011



Lost passport and My Residential address got changed

Respected sir,

I have lost my passport 2 months ago , the passport was issued by thane passport office at my Khargar (Mumbai) Residence (MY Old permanant Address).
sir presently i am staying in Nanded District( maharstra) since past 2 years and i have got my Name registered in ration Card on my nanded residential address.
1) now what do i do for reapplication of my passport which i want to get me delevired on my Nanded residential address as i am no longer staying in Mumbai ?
2) i am planing to File police complaint this week at nanded .sir how do i proceed their after ?
3) do i have to go to thane passport office with my Xerox copy of my Lost passport ?

Sir please reply and guide me regarding the procedure !


thanks......ur information was really useful:):):)

extension of passport

My passport is getting expired on13.8.2011(F) and i have valid US visa and need to go to US by month end for 20 days on official trip.Whether i can go to US or i have any chance of extension the validity of my passport for one more year at RPO.
Please clarify

Passport expired in mid'09. to apply for re-issue or re-newal

My passport had validity for 10 years & expired on 17.06.2009. I would like to know whether i have to apply for re-issue, re-newel or fresh application. I have tried to fill online form but until have file number of old passport application is not accepted. where to get file number of old passport?
Pl. reply urgently.

Passport Reissue

I hold Indian Passport which will expire in couple of months. I was staying outside India for last two and half years and returned back to India about four months back. I want to apply for passport preferably under tatkal but don't have address proof (stay for one continuous year). Is there any clause under which the stay outside India is considered valid ...thanks in advance for your expert comments

Passport reissue reg-

Is there police verification in case of reissue of passport in tatkal scheme

Passport renewal in new location

My passport is expired 4 years back and it was issued in kerala. since last 14 years i am staying in mumbai, thane dist. I have only ICICI bank statement only as address proof and driving license ( adress in Driving license is also in difierenet location) as ID proof. Is that enough to renew my passport in mumbai itself?

regarding passport reissuing for my 7 year old daughter

My daughter who is now 7 years old has a passport issued 5 years ago. passport is going to expire in September 8 2011. I need to reissue the passport. what are the procedures.Please expplain. Thank you

Passport Lost

Hi, I seem to have lost the passport. It was issued from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I'm working in Panaji, Goa now. Can I apply for re issuance of the same from Goa itself? Where do I need to register complaint for the same? So that I can get the FIR as well. How long does it take for the passport to come if not getting it done under Tatkaal scheme? I would appreciate an urgent reply.

Thanks and Regards.

address and photo change passport was issued 10 month before, when i was studying in college. now i want to change address given in passport with permanent one. one more problem... my photo in passport is not clearly visible(seems like washed). so pls suggest me what should i do to have change in the both within a "MONTH"(if possible).

Renewal of my passport

Respected Sir,
i have my passport expiry date 28.8.2013. the valitity of my passport is less than 2 years. for gulf country visa is 3 i want renew my passport. can i proceed

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

Very nicely laid out, step by step instructions to renew your passport in India. If you looking to renew your passport in USA, you may checkout this site: which has all the information you need to renew your passport

Passport expiry

my passport expired in 2004 and i have neglected it. i don not have an address proof except for a bank passbook...i'm presently working in chennai but i want a hyderabad passport and im not travelling so regularly what should i do?? please reply to my email so that it would be better for me...i once again thank you a lot for providing with the information...

passport expired




i got temporary address in my passport

i got my passport with my temporary address is it any problem for me.igot verification at temporary address only .is it any problems in future?

ECNR on passport

Hello - my wife's current passport was ECNR as I am a professional. When she went for reissue of her passport, she didnt have my passport copy (though she had my degree certificate copy). Also, she is eligible for ECNR as she is also 10th pass and diploma.
As there was no change in ECNR status needed, she had not kept documents for that - so passport officer mentioned that she will get new passport now as ECR.
Is it correct? As per this article and information on passport website, it is mentioned that we need proof only if its change from ECR to ECNR. But then why passport officer created problems for us and she has been given ECR passport?

my daughter s passport is

my daughter s passport is going to expire on 13/9/2011. i am not at all getting time to re valid it. can you please tell me till how much time can i be able to re issue it?[the grace period]



Renewal of Passport

Dear Sir / Madam

I have to give my passport for renewal as it will expire on 27th March 2012.
I wanted to know that whether they take my old passport and return it with the new one or they allow me to take my old passport without submitting?
Second Q is if I get my OLD passport back can I stamp Visa on the same old passport for my foreign travel before I get new passport? I guess in that case I have to carry both passports as the VISA will be valid on OLD passport.
How much time it usually takes for renewal of passport? IS Police verification is required again if I haven't changed my OLD address or anything !

Issue with passport re-issue


My mother's passport is expired(2000 - 2010), so we submitted the detials online and went to the PSK in Bangalore on the date of appointment. since there was no change in name or address, she carried the old passport and copies of the same and Id proof.
At the PSK the authority said that there was a passoprt issued on her name in 1995 but not recieved by her so they rejected her application.
Can you please let me know what needs to be done in this regard.

Re-issue of passport

I submitted my passport for re-issue under general category as it is about to expire in next 3 months.I want to change from normal to Tatkal category.Is it possible? If so in how many days we need to contact passport office? what is the procedure?

renew/reissue of passport

passport issued to me from mumbai got exparied on dec2006 , and i had not renewed it that time, now i have taken up a flat at mira raod ,thane,and staying there, now i want to renew my passport, kindly advice how to dothe passport renewal/reissue

Re-Issue of passport

My old passport is expiring on the 29th Jan 2012. I am basically from pune but currently i am in gurgaon. Can i get my passport re-issued in gurgaon with my pune address as my parents are still residing in pune at my ancestral place and i do not wish to change my address on passport.


sir,my passport was issued from kolkata and still has the validity till 2014.However I am left with only few pages and the passport is damaged.So I would like to apply for a new one.Can I do it from Bombay...If yes,I dont have any proof of residence as I am here for only three months.And I need the new passport to get the US visa from here.How should I go about it?Please help>

paasport renew..

i want to know that my passport is expire in jan 2012.but now i m living in spain. as resident of spain.but i m coming to india in dec .can i renew my indian passport in india.or it will only renew in spain now.where i can renew my passport.if i renew my passport in india jallandhar.than come any problem in airport when i come back to spain.plz give me crrect information abt it .thanx ..


My Passport was expired on 03rd Feb-08. What should I do to renew the Passport ?
Is it required to apply for new Passport ?
Please suggest.

Reissue of Passport

I'm from Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. My passport is about to expire on 20 Jan 2012. Can I apply for a re-issue of passport at District Passport centre or should I have to apply it at Hyderabad Passport centre only.

Now I'm married and have a kid so to mention my spouse name and my son's name in the application form what all documents should I have to submit.

Can you help me which form should I download for reissue of passport and the supporting documents. Also please let me know the fee to be paid.

Thanks in advance,


renewal of expierd passport


My passport has been expired 4 months ago now I want to renewal it online please help me

Change in Address and Photo

I wish to change my address and photo in Passport.
My earlier passport was issued from Lucknow as I was resident of Varanasi (U.P.) at that time. Now I have been shifted to Aligarh (U.P.) and this is my permanent address, for which Passport Office is in Gaziabad (U.P.).
I am a working professional so I reside in Hyderabad.
I am not getting where do I have to apply? whether in Lucknow or Gaziabad or can I apply it in Hyderabad?
Please help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

renew of my old passport

sir, please tell me procedure of renew of my old passport

hi, my indian passport has

hi, my indian passport has expired in 2007 ( i had no reason to renew or travel within those years, hence why it wasnt renewed ) what do i do? .. do i apply for a whole new passport, or could i still just apply for a renewal?

re-issue of passport

hello sir.
i jst want to know that i am a minor and my passport is about to expire. clarify me the procedure AND the needed documents for re-issue of passport for me. and i do not have date of birth certificate.


Dear All,
My passport had been issued from Pune and presently I am residing in kolkata. My passport pages are exhausted, but it is valid till December 2015. I gave my passport to a traveling agent who told me that additional booklet can't be issued as the police verification was not complete at issuing place i.e in Pune. I don't understand how a passport can be issued without police verification.
Kindly suggest what should be done to obtain additional booklet.



passport renewal along with Visa validity

Hi, i have US visa stamped on my passport which is valid till aug 2013 but my passport is going to in july 2012 so i have to renew my passport. My question is, will my visa be valid and available on new passport? and also is there any chances for missing the stamp on passport when i will submit for renewal? please assist me.

reissue of passport

my passport expired in 2002.i want to reissue my passport.i am a public sector address also to reissue my passport.what are the necessary documents that i should submit to get my passport reissued.

passport renewal

My son's passport expired on 05/03/2011. He is minor. We are stying at the same adress . He will be major in 5 years . Can u send me the detail procedure for renewal?
Thanking You,


Hi ,

Your information is quite useful . After reading this i wish to know whether I have to submit my original passport in physical to passport office or to travel agent to get it re-issued? or the xerox copies will serve the purpose.

Many thanks

renewal of my passport

my passport was issued in Delhi and the same is going to be expired in December, 2011. presently I am in Kolkata for the last three years. I want to renew the passport. Where can I get it and what is the procedure. Please guide me me in detail. - t.p.rao

Company not giving passport back

How should one get his passport back if the company he is working for is not handing him over his passport??

my passport application

my passport application papers or police verification was at Malabar Hill police station. they say the papers are at the CID but the CID says they have not received them. One month of running around and we are still in the same situation Help

Person Particulars form

I have got my passport from chennai in 2000 and it got expired on march 2011. Learn from the article that i have to submit Person Particulars form if the my stay is not same for the past 1 year.

My question is,
My permanent address is in Kerala and i am working in chennai.
I have been staying in two different address in chennai for the past 1 year, and i don't have any proof of address for the same.
What should i do in this case?
And when submitting Person Particulars form, is it just filling the form or do i have to get it attested from someone.
Kindly guide me in this and do let me know if any other info is required.


renewal of passport

My passport will expire by Jan,1,2013. As I am planning to go over to USA i need the passport renewed. How do we process the same.

My Baby Passport having

My Baby Passport having issue date is 12/10/2011 and expiry date is 09/10/2011 so what is the process to change expiry date?

Re-issue of my passport

I had a passport issued to me on 13th Jan 1983 and the same was valid till 12.1.1988. This was renewed further extended upto 12.1.1993. I gave this Passport to our Travel Agent in December 1992 for further renewal of the same. This got cancelled thru the Travel Agent and there is a stamp put on it "CANCELLED"in the first two pages as well as in the last two pages. During the above period I hv not travelled outside India.
I want to have re-issue of my passport surrendering the same. No file name mentioned in the passport.

What is the procedure now ? Whom to approach with what documents for re-issue. Should I get endorsement by RPO before applying new Passport ? Kindly revert.

Mistakes in my name

Dear Sir,
I have got my passport re-issued, which contains a number of spelling mistakes. I rectified them, and got stamped in a page inside. However, when I went for a visa interview, my passport was not accepted stating that passports with errors in front page will not be considered. Shall I go for a renewal of my passport?

expire passport


my passport expired 5 years before, and i hv not renewed the same. now i hv a need for renewal. wat is the process involved. should i apply as a new passport or should i look at renewal of old passport itself.
can anyone pls guide me.

Rajesh A

Reissue of Passport renewal

My Passport expired 29 th feb 2012. I am at present staying in kolkata but the passport was issued from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Can I get the reissue of the expired passport done from change the new address.

Renew passport

My Passport expired 29 th feb 2012. I am at present staying in kolkata but the passport was issued from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Can I get the reissue of the expired passport done from change the new address.

applied for passport on 29 july 2011, but no change

Hello Sir, I applied for a passport on 29 july 2011 on chennai tambaram post office,but till now 9 dec 2011 i not even get my police verification,the status of my passport is showing as file does not exit,or despatched.I dont know wat to do now! i once again went to chennai shastri bhavan and enquired about my passport,they told me to fill the police verification form alone on 25th oct 2011.then also it remains the same in status enquiry.when i asked in police stationthey told me that they didnt receive my form.Now what can i do!!!
Whether i should have to apply once again or should wait for few more years!!!!



want 2 know the fastest way of getting a passport

please can i know which is the quickest way of getting a passport. i.e how to apply?? whome to approch??

Person Particulars form if the my stay is not same for the past

I have got my passport from chennai in 2000 and it got expired on march 2011. Learn from the article that i have to submit Person Particulars form if the my stay is not same for the past 1 year.

My question is,
My permanent address is in Kerala and i am working in chennai.
I have been staying in two different address in chennai for the past 1 year, and i don't have any proof of address for the same.
What should i do in this case?
And when submitting Person Particulars form, is it just filling the form or do i have to get it attested from someone.
Kindly guide me in this and do let me know if any other info is required.


passport renewal

my passport got expired on march 9th 1993..
so can u teell me .. should i go for a new passport or i should renewal it again.... !!!!! plz make a reply as soon as possible...

renewal of my pass port

my passport was issued in the time of issuing passport i was minor now I am major one. The passport renewal date is Feb. 2012. What should i do for on line renewal/reissue of passport please guide me.

time taken to reissue?

I am giving my passport for reissuing on 2nd of january 2012, at gurgaon. Where can I expect to have to in my hand? I need it urgently, can I do something about it?

re issue of passport

my passport is going to expire on 03/04/2012. i filled on line for for re issue of my passpor on 30/12/2011. now furthr what should do.please advise me .

Suggestion regarding correction of Date of Birth

My birth certificate carries different Date of Birth from all of my certificates and degrees. I have just checked it out recently. Can you please help me how can I make amendments in my Birth Certificate?

Can I apply online for renewal of passport


My passport got expired in October 2011, now i want to get renew the same, and i want to know that can I apply online for renewal of my old passport, if yes then how?? please help me out.


hello sir 3 years back my

hello sir
3 years back my passport expired my sponsor asked me huge amount for my iqama renewal from that time idont have passport and iqama with me i want to go back to india.please advise me the correct information that i can go back to my home town.

may god bless you
for your support

re-issue passport


I have to re-issue my passport as my passport will expire on apr 2012. passport is issued from Bihar & for last 4 year i am residing in Delhi due to job. can i reissue my passport from Delhi. I have only indane gas connection paper as an address proof for present address. Is it valid address proof. what will be better for me to re-issued passport from Bihar or Delhi. 2nd thing I got married 3 years back, now i have to change my marital status married. how can i change my marital status. do i need to submit legal paper for changing marrital status. As i m muslim so i have no marriage certificate, i have been given me a Nikhanama paper from local panchayat or Masjid. Plz give me needful suggestion or gideline

I will be highly obliged for kindful help.

my passport will expire on

my passport will expire on Apr 2012. can i apply online for re-issue my passport . what is the prosedure. how can i change my marital status also
single to married. . plz mail me

hi my passport is expaired

hi my passport is expaired 5years ago , shal i apply for a new passport, my old passport has some error done in d date of birth, can i make the changes in the new one ?

I have applied for a passport but before the same is issued

I have applied for a passport but before the same is issued,i got shifted to another place,what shall i do to get the passport delivered to my new address....???
Which form i need to fill and what all documents need to submitted please help me....

Two references of your locality in passport application

Dear Sir

I am a resident of vishnu garden which has pin code of 110018 and comes under police station 'Tilak Nagar'. There are many places come under Tilak Nagar Police Station such as Sham Nagar, Mukherjee Park with same pin code and these places are attached to each other like one lane is Vishnu Garden and other lane is Sham Nagar but place names are different. Please guide me whether I can give reference of neighbours staying in Sham Nagar and Mukherjee Park.

Kindly help.

Many thanks & God bless

Raj Narain

Reissue of passport

Hello Guys, kindly advice me,
Currently Im working at UAE and my passport going to expire in Apr'12. please guide me, i want to apply for reissue in India during my next month home leave, in such case what additional documents /form (except form1) i needed since Im working out of India.

New Pasport

Dear sir i have applied for a fresh passport as i want to do my studies outside,
the officer who came to do the verification, said that since i come from village and my birth certificate shows i was born i city, therefore i cant get my passport, in my application form i filled up place of birth as it was in the city. and now he says i have to fill up some pp form and do a verification, please suggest me what to do----

Renewal of expired passport.

My passport got expired on 12th Jan 2012.
Can i renew the same passport or should i apply for a fresh one?
Pl let me know the procedures for both the cases.