How to renew (reissue) your Indian Passport in India

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Getting your Passport re-issued (renewed) can be a cumbersome affair.  By following these simple guidelines you can ensure that your passport is re-issued quickly without any hassles.

Things You'll Need

  1. Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first four and last four pages, including ECR/ECNR page.
  2. If the old passport was issued when you were a minor or did not have the ECNR stamp – provide attested copy of matriculation or degree certificate
  3. Proof of address if different than the one on the old passport. Acceptable documents include phone, gas, electricity bill, ration card, spouse or parent’s passport copy
  4. Recent passport size photographs (Three) in colour showing frontal view of full face are required.



Re-issue vs. Renew

A new passport is re-issued (not renewed) when a current passport (validity of 10 years or more) is 1 year from expiration or it is less than 3 years after it has expired. A passport issued with a validity of 1-5 years under certain emergency conditions can be renewed at no additional cost. This article covers the re-issuance of a Passport that was issued with 10 years or more of validity.


The Application Form

The Application Form for re-issuing a Passport is the same as the one required for a new Passport.  You can get the Application Form from any Passport Service Center/Office or any Post Office. You can also use the link below.


Fees Required

The application fee for reissue of a passport is the same as a new application. Passport for Adult (36 page) – Rs. 1000, Passport for Adult (60 pages) – Rs. 1500 and Passport for a Minor – Rs. 600. It is better to take extra cash with you when submitting the application as there are additional fees for Police Clearance Certificate/ECNR Reqd, etc.


Where to Apply

Completed Passport Application Forms with Supporting documents can be submitted at Passport Offices, District Passport Cells/Collector’s Office/DSP’s Office or at Speed Post Centers. Please be sure to note down the File Reference Number.


How to check status of Application

You can check the status of your application online by providing the file reference number at the Consular and Passport Division Website


  • If you have a busy lifestyle and do not wish to waste your time, use a reputed Travel Agent who can get you a passport quickly for a small fee. The travel agent will also be able to verify that your documentation is accurate and sufficient.
  • If you have any other questions or situations please use the link below for the official website of the Indian Passport Division.


In case a person has resided at more than 1 place in the past 1 year, then a separate Person Particulars form (part of the Passport Application) needs to be filled out for each address that he has resided at, for the past 1 year.


What about lost or stolen passport?

It looks like I've lost my passport. Should I follow the same process for getting a new one?

reissue of passport

this is mohammed

i lost my passport can u plz refe me how to get new one

thanking you sir,

yours sincearly

Lost or stolen passport

You will need to file a police complaint and include a copy of your FIR (First Information report) with your application for a passport re-issue.

Can I receive the passport in passport office itself?

I would like to know if I can receive my passport in the passport office itself? Problem is, when I am away on work, nobody would be at home to receive the speed post that may come. What would be the solution?

Can I receive the passport in passport office itself?

No. The passport will only be send by speed post from the passport office.

No, you canot receive the

No, you canot receive the Passport in Passport office, Insted you can authorise a person witing a letter whose name is attested by you and singned by yourself could be produced at the time of delevery of the passport.

My passport has expired one

My passport has expired one and half year back.
Do i need to submit society letter also

My Passport Expired on 16th Feb-09

My Passport was expired on 16th Feb-09. What should I do to renew the Passport ?
Is it required to apply for new Passport ?

Passport Renewal

Hi EveryOne
My passport will expiry in 4th April 2012.
But i have applied for Denmark visa, in the Embassy they intimated me that i have only 3years expiry if i want 4 years visa i have to renewal the passport.
To renewal the passport what should i do because my passport will expire in 3 years.
Expecting a favourable response.

Passport Renewal

Well, the process of getting a new passport after the expiry of the existing passport is called "Re-issue" and not "Renewal". Passport can by "Re-issued" 1 year before the expiry date or upto 3 years after expriry date. Which means you cannot get a passport re-issued at this time since you passports validity is upto 2012. In which case I suggest you get a 2 year or 3 year (I dont know about denmark visa policy) and then get the passport re-issued.

Hope this helps

Damage your passport. fill a

Damage your passport.
fill a damage application form.

Passport Reissue

My Passport expired last month. I am at present staying in Mumbai but the passport was issued from Trivandrum, Kerala. Can I get the reissue of the expired passport done from Mumbai address.

Dr. Iyer.

Yes. You can get the

Yes. You can get the passport to be reissued from Mumbai by providing the address proof of stay for the last one year.

passport renew

sir my passport is expired what is renew the passport can give me details please




My passport is expiring on 08-08-2011.I am planing to go to Europe during 4th week of July 2011. Please inform whether i will be getting my passport(reissue) within 60 days from the date of applying.I am staying in same address( as mentioned in passport) for the last 8 years .

Renewal of my son passport

My son's passport expired in this month. He is minor. We are stying at the same adress . he will be major in 3 years . Do i have to apply as the same last time . Can u send me the details of what enclosures to submit with application.

Change in Passport Number

Hi ,

Will the passport number be the same after 10 year renewal of my passport, or will I be given a new passport number?

Any one there ????


change in passport number

u will be given a new passport with a new passport number.....

Passport reissue

Sir i have applied for the reissue of my passport due to address change. i have few questions regarding that

1. will the new passport have some reference to old passport?
2. Will the change in passport and passport number affect the VISA processing?

Passport reissue

Sir i have applied for the reissue of my passport due to address change. i have few questions regarding that

1. will the new passport have some reference to old passport?
2. Will the change in passport and passport number affect the VISA processing?

Re-issue passport: finding it hard to find information

Hi Girija,

I have a question and as things are not absolutely clear anywhere online, i decided to write to you. My first passport was issued when I got married and then soon came my divorce and in just 2 years my new passport was issued with my old maiden name. This passport just expired last month (completed 10 years). I have a few questions:

1. Now do i have to keep mentioning my divorce everytime i sign the paperwork even though the last passport had my maiden name with just the old passport number?
2. Do i have to fill in the personal particulars even if i have stayed in the same residence (rented) place for more than a year?
3. What kind of travel agent is trustworthy? Sita, SOTC etc?
4. Won't a legal house agreement work as resident proof?
Would really appreciate if you can reply and answer my queries.

Why dont you take out little

Why dont you take out little bit of time and go to the RPO by spending few rupees for conveyance. you want everything free sitting at home, because of you lazy people only this counry is not developing

if u cant help keep shut

if u cant help keep shut

regarding my passport renewal

hi every body,
my passport will expire on 30th september,2009 and my place of issue is calcutta.
the problem with me is,that i am presently staying at Delhi and my schedule is very bussy for next couple of month as i will be leaving for Bahrain. so is it possible some way to do the renewal here only, insted of going back to calcutta and if yes then what all things i have to do.

reissue of passport processing done on 30th april 1009.passport

i was told that the passport would be mailed in 5 days. it is more than 13 days and my passport is not yet received. what should i do?

i wana renew my passport

my passport 'll be expired in july 2009, i wana know in how much time new passport make........
plz send me da details about that....
thankx ....

Let me first explain: After

Let me first explain: After the process of getting a new passport with 10 year validity after the expiry of the existing passport is called "Re-issue" and not "Renewal".

In Tatkal scheme (Rs.2500/-), it usually takes around 7-10 days if all the information of the passport holder remains same as the previous passport. In General scheme (Rs.1000), it usually takes about 30 - 60 days.


time taken for passport renewal

I would like to know how much time does it take to get the passport renewed.

time taken for passport renewal

Well it seems that many people get confused with the term Renewal and Re-issue. If your current 10 year passport has expired of about to expire then the process of getting the new passport is called Re-issue. If your passport was made in emergency and has a 1 year or 5 year validity then to extend it further to complete 10 years (9 years in case of a 1 year passport and 5 years in case of a 5 year passport) is called Renewal.

It takes about 3 - 60 days depending on the scheme (Tatkal or General) you opt for as well as the information regarding your address etc. if your address is same as in the current passport, it will take less time as the police verification etc. may get waived off thereby reducing the time taken.

Re-issue of passport - current residence


This is in reference to the 'Caution' section of the article

I need to get my passport re-issued by Nov 2009. My address in passport is of my permanent residence at Mysore and I would like to continue the same address. But since a few years I am working in Bangalore.

Hope it is fine to get it re-issued for my Mysore address

Please clarify

In case you are staying and

In case you are staying and working in Bangalore , you can either apply to the Passport Office Bangalore or in the Passport Office in whose jurisdiction your permanent address is located (should be Bangalore only in your case). In the later case , fill up an additional set of Personal particulars form giving the address in Bangalore. Proof of residence at Bangalore/place of stay is required. You should also provide proof of your permanent address.

Passport Re-issue from temp address without changing add. on PP

I also have the similar issue. I have my permanent address on the passport but currently I am in Bangalore which is my temporary but current address. Usually the passport is delivered to the address mentioned in the passport. But I want to receive the passport at Bangalore but keep address on the passport as my permamnent address. This is needed as postman will not deliver the passport to anyone else other than the passport owner and I cant be always present at my permanent address.

Has anyone experienced and resolve this situation? If yes, please let me know how did you manage it.

status of passport which has gone for renewal

Respected Officer,

I have submitted my passports for renewal, I just have numbers starting from EK* and not the file numbers. Please let me know how to get the status of my passport.

Thanks & Regards,

Reniw childrens passport

Past one year we are staying other district but the passport in another district address now we got remember my son's passport got expierd last month how we proceed for the same

Please advice

help me on this i m not getting i have to re issue or renewal

Hai ,

I have taken the passport 5 years back to go to china to do MBBS there,
but because of some other problem i have canceled my plan.

Now the issue is at that time i got my passport in thathkal with 5 years of validity only... it is going to expire on october 2009 , now i am planning to get 10 yrs of validity
so have i to renewal this passport or re issue of the passport
which process i have to go now?(renewal or Re issue)
and also tell me the details which application i need to fill and what kind of documents i need to submit again, how much the fee and how much time will be taking for this process...

Please reply me as soon as possible,

Looking forward to your reply................


You need to renew (not

You need to renew (not re-issue) your passport to extend the validity till 10 years. This process does not attract any fee. The form is the same for fresh/re-issue/renewal these days. All necessary requirements are written there.

renewal under tatkaal scheme

my passport was issued for one year and its been expired since dec'04. After going through older posts, i think it is the case of passport Renewal. I want to know how much time does it takes for passport renewal(not re-issue). Can we apply for passport renewal under tatkaal scheme?

In your case, you have to

In your case, you have to fill up Application Form No. I(EAP-I) form and submit it along with original/photocopy of your expired passport and proof of your residence/address. However, since the passport expired 5 years ago, fresh police verification will be required in your case.

Passport Reissue

My Passport expired in March 2005.What is the procedure that I have to follow now?What are the documents that I have to submit?


You need to get your

You need to get your passport re-issued. Please see previous posts for details. You have to fill up Application Form No. I(EAP-I) form and submit it along with original/photocopy of your expired passport and proof of your residence/address. However, since the passport expired 4 years ago, fresh police verification will be required in your case.

renew of my child's passport

My child's passport will get expire after 4 months. I wish to renew it. I can n ot afford to give my time.
Is is possible to get it done online with any hassle. My address of last 2 years have been different from what mentioned in my child's passport.
Please suggest.

reissue of child passport

my children's passport are getting expired on 21.11.2010 how to renew/reissue it ,the address in their passport is diffrent as we have changed the place

Correction of DOB

I have submitted my valid passport for correction of my date of birth (which I noticed was wrong only recently, after 25 yrs). I have also applied for change of address and marital status. I have provided all necessary proof they asked for. Can you pls tell me how long it should take for me to get passport in normal time.



Hi, how much it takes

how much it takes time to renew passport.and if i want to renew in tatkaal in how much time i can take my renwed passport.Thanks

Re-issue of passport

I applied for reissue of passport in New york for change of name, after whcih i recieved new passport but with expiry date of one year. Now i wish to apply for US visa for 3 yrs and want to extend my expiry date. So am i elligible to apply at Mumbai passport office for re-issue of passport for expiry(as u said within 1 yr of expiry) and under tatkaal service? if yes how many days will it take?

renew passport


My husband had applied his passport under tatkal scheme and he got the same for 5 years validity and expires in 2010. Now he needs this to renew his passport for his business trip. Can the passport be renewed since it expires early 2010 and can it be made through tatkal system. Please suggest?

Stayed in usa 2 years and want to reissue passport

I was in USA 2 years till march 2009 and now i want to apply for reissue -all my details are same as old passport - My india residence does not change - so do i have to worry as my stay in last six months was in USA and not india.

Two: My passport expires in Sept 2010, so one more month to go for the expiry 1 yr period. I want to apply for reissue now itself, as I have the visa till 2012, but when i enter USA they will be me entry only till 2010 ( as passport expires in 2010) - so need to get my Passport reissued asap - will this work with just one month to go for the 1 year expiry clause

same situation

I just came back (3 weeks back) from US after 5 years. I am residing at my native same address as mentioned in the passport. I want to apply for re-issue of the passport but my last one years stay was in US. When I try to fill in US address (in previous residence section), it doesnt show me US states and other things. Please let me know how to address this. This is urgent as I need my re-issued passport asap

thanks in advance

father's renewal of passport

My father gave his passport for renewal on 29th july.
His key number of submiision and application is 7002360409.
So far no police verification is done.
Please intimate how long more the whole process will take

father's renewal of passport

Dear sir

I need to know the status of my father's passport given for renewal. There is no file number but only a key number given to us. Please guide. How long should we wait?

for new passport

My passport has expired 15 years ago , I am in kerala , has it cacelled from the computer system ?

1. what is the procedure to get a new passport?
2.can I apply new passport?

Please reply me as quick as possible.

Passport expired on July 18, 1992

I had a passport and expired on July 18, 1992. I'm not sure whether I need to apply for renewal/reissue or new.

i am in the same dilemma i

i am in the same dilemma
i figure you must have figured out the solution to your passport problem
can u help me figure out what to do?
my passport was issued 2001 and expired 2003
what do i do?

Passport Re-issue

I have to travel urgently for a new job in 25 days time, but my passport is expiring in a month's time, i am looking to get my passport renewed. I wish to know following:-
- How much time it will take to get passport renewed through tatkal?
- My earlier passport is issued from other state(native). I am currently staying in other state for last 4 years. Is it better to apply for reissue from earlier my native only?
- I have moved to another place 6 months back, so my last one year shows two addresses. Will it be a problem?
- For tatkal, they ask for Form 'F', which is to be get from sr govt officials, who are out of reach of a common man. How do i get form 'F'?
- Is it mandatory to get form 'F' (Police verification form) for tatkal?

Is there any other option to get passport within 15 days? Please suggest.
Anticipating an early response,
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Passport Re-issue

I am currently a resident in Pune, India.

please help- pasport renewal

i got my passport in 2001 as minor and it expired in march 2006.
now i want to renew and i have no address proof .
only address proof is my old passport... please help can i get renewal of my passport..

Renew passport

My passport was done in tatkal n it expires in the month May 2010.So,
Can i renew my passport before May 2010?
Can it be done or do i have to wait until it gets expired n then start for the process.

reissue of passport

hi everyone,
Please sugges me which papers are required to apply for reissue of passport my passport is about to expire 2010

Reissue of my passport

My passport expired in 2008.Iwant to reissue my passport.I dont have a copy of my spouse passport to be submitted as a proof.what are the necessary document that i should submit to get my passport reissued.kindly advise

Regarding Police Verification on Re-issue Passport in India

I got my Passport re-issued about 20 days back and wherein there was a Address change. Now i have been waiting for my police verification for the last 20 days as per tatkal norms. Can any one tell is police verification happens for re-issue of passport which has address change? If happens how many days it would take for police to come and verify? Can i proceed for my US VISA without police verification? To expedite this process whom i should contact?

re issue of my passport ..

my passport of 10 yrs validity expired a year back then we re issued in dubai for which the validity was just 1 again my new passport is about expire within few days,amd im in india now what are the documents required to re issue?


Hello i am Prashanth my question is my passport expired on 2004 now what i am supposed to obtain renewed passport can u help me out
Thank you

Re issure of passport issued at indian embassy riyadh

I'm syed my problem is passport has expired 3 months was issued at indian embassy riyadh........long back....can i re-issue at the local pp office in hyderabad...if yes what document would i need to produce ????

Plz Plz help me asap.....



That was valuable info. Thank you :)


how much time more

my police verification is done how much time more will it take to get my passport?

passport renewal in a different state

My passport having 5 years validity was issued in Delhi in 2002 and expired in 2007. I applied for renewal but before I could get the police verification, I was transfered to Orissa in 2007. So I could not get it renewed from Delhi. Now it is over 2 years since I am living in Orissa and have address proof as well. The status of my previous application shows "Police Verification incomplete" on the website. Please advice-
1. Can I get the renewal from Bhubaneswar after getting file transfered from Delhi?
2. Do I need to submit fresh Person Particulars form at Bhubaneswar?
3. Should I apply for a fresh passport (re-issue) instead of renewal?



I have been living in the U.S. I need to get my passport reissued (to get a new US VISA) as it expires in june of 2010. The information on my passport has not changed except that I have been living in the U.S. My permanent address in Andhra State. What documents would I need to be apply for reissue under Tatkaal scheme? ( to avoid any delays obtaining the new passport).
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Change in address

I wish to change the address present in my passport to current(permanent) address. From the website it is evident that I need to fill up form no 2.
My query is:

1. What supporting proofs do I need to submit. Will a copy of electricity bill/ration card indicating my desired address suffice?

2. Do I need to pay any additional fees. If so what amount? I wish to pay by cash only

3. What are the required documents needed? Original/photocopy for verification at passport office

4. What is the time taken for the updated passport to arrive?

Change in Address

I too wish to change my address in Passport. Please help me in this regard how to proceed.

mother-in-law's passport was

mother-in-law's passport was set to expire in aug 2010 and we were going to have it reissued for next 10 yrs. However,she has lost the current passport. What should be done now and what is the best way to move forward. we have got an FIR already. Will passport be issued for 10 yr validity or new passport with original validity. Can someone advice on good passport agent in Bhiwani/Hisar/Rohtak.?

change photo on passport

hi iwant change my photo on passport tell me how long procedure .

change photo on passport

I too wish to change my Photo in Passport. Please help me in this regard how to proceed.

How fast I can get passport renewed

Hi ,
My passport got expiered in March 2009 (Which was issued for 5 years in tatkal schem , I am confussed whether I should apply for renewal or reissue .Since I need to travel for an official visit by next week is it possible to get renewal in tatkal scheme ? If not what is the procedure and how much time it takes to get renewed passport ? The adress has changed and I am staying in different adress but the area and police limits are same.
Please help!!!

Can i Apply for Fresh Passport

I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and my Passport expiry due on 06 Nov 2010. i am planning to go on exit by April-May 2010 and have got new Job but i came to know that for visa stamping needed at least 6 month validity on the passport. Can i Apply for the new Passport now from Indian Embassy , Riyadh even though my passport has still valid up to 06 Nov 2010.

Please explain
Thank and Happy new Year 2010

hw to nget a new paassport as soon as possible

i have lost my passport a couple of days to apply my passport again as soon as possible plz reply

Re-Issue Of my Passport

My passport is going to expire in may 2010 n i need to visit gulf the next week. Can i get to know how do i go abt the re-issue of my passport since i got to know that atleast 6 mths is required to get a visa. I wud be travelling only for a month will it be possible to travel or do i have to re-issue....

Pls guide me on this...

query regarding passport renewel

Hello All,

I need to renew my passport which was taken in TATKAL scheme for 5 years validity. address is same. How long it take to renew my passport. Is there any TATKAL scheme present in this case?


Passport reissue under Tatkal

I want to reissue my passport which will be expired by June 2010,As per annexure B I have ration card ,Pan card and drivers licence but they have different addresses(depending upon earlier locations).Is this an issue???
Please suggest

Passport number change after applying visa

I have applied for US visa 2 month back and i have my stamping date next month but my passport got damaged recently. So i have applied for new passport.
Since my passport number gets changed because of this process, do i need to apply again using the new passport or can i just take my old and new passport to the consulate's for stamping.

Please clarify

Hey prasad, i am facing the

Hey prasad, i am facing the same problem, please tell me what you have done

Dear sir/ Madam I have few

Dear sir/ Madam

I have few us and uk mutli visa stamps on my passport which will expire in next 5 years but my passpoert is expirying end of this year i.e 2010.

Once i re-issued my new passport, how can i get my us/ uk multi visa stamps on it. Is it ok to keep old passport when im traveling next or i've to visit embaeey again n apply again to get stamp on new passport????

plz assist me with your valuble advice as early as possible.

look forward.......regards, HK

You have to carry 2

You have to carry 2 passports while travelling .Dont need to apply for visa again.Make sure u always carry both the passports while travelling out of home country.

Hope this helps.

extending the paaport validity

My passport is going to expire in Feb 2011 & i need to go to china for two years & it's required to have passport validity for atleast two years. Kindly help me whether can renew paaport now & how much time will it take & what will be the fee for the same?

I am going to apply for

I am going to apply for re-issue of my passport shortly.
My address in the original passport is that of a government flat in DELHI where I lived before retirement. Now for the last 3 years, I am living in my own house in DELHI. Kindly tell me
(1) for the re-issue of the passport, should I fill up 2 personal particular forms?
(2) Will there be police verification in my case?


Dear Madam/Sir, I have

Dear Madam/Sir,

I have changed my residence 3 years ago. Every year I used to go to USA to visit my children and stay there for 3-6 months. I was in USA from July 2009 and returned to Delhi in January 2010 (6 Months).

In the passport application form,there is a condition that, if resides in more than one place in the past one year, then a seperate personal particular form should be filled. Please advise me how should I proceed in applying for re-issue of my passport.

Thank You

spouse name problem


renew/reissue or new?

My passport was issued in 2001 and expired in 2003.
what procedure do i follow?
should i get it reNEWED? or reISSUED? or get a new one?

Re-Issue of passport


My dad went to local post office for re-issue of his passport (where they take applications for new passports). They told you have to goto Hyderabad Office to get the re-issue of passport which is about to expire in next 3 to 4 months. Do we have to goto Hyderabad Office all the way from district or is there any process available for this?

Where is the File Number in passport?

I am applying online for re-issue of my passport online. I the Old Passport Details it asks for File Number which I can't find on my passport which was issued in 1995. And it doesn't accept the application if you leave the field blank. Can anyone help with this?