How to make a quilt at home

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With winters on its way, it is time to get our warm clothing's out. Soon it will be time when you would want to snuggle a bit more in the cozy quilt of your in the morning chill. How about making a quit on your own rather than buying one? Making a quilt at home is a very good way to keep you busy and increase your attention to detail levels. A self made quilt can be great for gifting your loved ones as well. To add more, you can use any old bedspread or old saris that have no more use.
I am going to teach you the basics of making a quilt. You can always be more creative and make better quits than this. So, let us start our step-by-step lessons for basics of quit making at home.

Things You'll Need

  1. Fabric
  2. Batting material (Fillers for your quilt)
  3. Backing material (For the underside of your quilt)
  4. Needle and thread
  5. Safety pins
  6. Sewing machine



Before you can start, you would need to decide on a quilting pattern. You can get patterns from either browsing the Internet, or be innovative and come up with your own ideas. There are various books that can help you with quilting designs as well.


Place the backing material of your quilt on the ground and rid it of any kinds of wrinkles. Your backing material can be a bed sheet, cotton fabric or even silk. You can also use satin which will give you a cozy feeling.


Place the fillers on top of the backing material. Your fillers can be old saris, bed sheets, or you can buy new fabric to act as the filler. Remember, more the fillers, warmer the quilt will be.


Now place the main fabric on top of the fillers. So now, you have a backing material, fillers and then your main fabric.


Secure all the layers of fabric with safety pins.


We are now ready to use the sewing machine. Sew all the layers together and your quilt is ready after you take the safety pins out.


Making is quit is simple. What makes it beautiful is your imagination and creativity. You can add a combination of colors and designs. Giving a border to the quit, increases its beauty.


Will recommend my wife to

Will recommend my wife to make one for me :-)


how do i make one if i dont have filler