How to identify counterfeit Indian Currency Notes

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Counterfeit notes that are not easily identified sometimes drives us into tight corners. Not all of us have the ‘currency knowledge’ to find the difference, which can be known only after minute scrutiny. Find out how to identify fake notes here!



See if the note is crisp and thin. The notes are printed on optical fiber paper. Fake notes are printed on thick paper make of bamboo pulp. If it is a Xeroxed note the colour and print look faded.


Look for the ‘Intaglio” on the denomination i.e.1000,500,100,50 20 ,10 or 5 ( the embossed print that enables the blind to touch and know the denomination of the currency). The chemical’omran’ is used to print in ‘Intaglio’ which looks bright. Intaglio will be missing in counterfeit notes.


Look at the note against the light, for the fine and shining ‘security band’on the right side of ‘Intaglio’ look for the faint water mark


For a genuine currency note, the number panel will be regular and when scrutinized against ultra violet rays,the letters printed with fluorescent ink shine. For a fake note the security band will be rough and prominent Number panel will be irregular. The numbers are comparatively smaller as compared to the original notes.


  • Please do not respond to strangers asking for change for notes of higher denomination. Please always check notes of higher denomination while doing any transaction.
  • When conducting a large transaction take the other party to your bank where you will deposit the money. The bank usually uses a machine which checks the currency notes.


Fake notes

If I have got hold of a fake Rs.100 note what should I do?

Surrender to police, and get

Surrender to police, and get discount in time you get jailed.


If you got fake note, then you can have 2 option
1- throw away it.
2- if want to cash it then go to petrol pumps and use it.

Re: Fake Notes

You should take it to a bank and let them know that you suspect that it is fake note. They should be able to guide you on what to do.

adding pics of currency

adding pics of currency would be good.

Fake Note Detection at cash counters of Banks

We feel RBI's deliberation on suggesting bankers the use of "sorting machines" needs further attention to looking for “Genuine & Accurate fake note detectors" which work on data cum image based technology. Sorting machines are working just on image base technology which is limitedly compatible and useful just for fitness/quality sorting of notes and are too poor to detect super fake notes. Sorter just throws out large number of doubtful notes with comparatively large number of false alarms and carries very high possibility of passing super fake notes as genuine resulting into issuance of such notes at cash counters or at ATM centers.

The kind of machines Indian Banks at cash counters needed are the machine which can verify not only the images but also can check the chemical and physical properties of papers, inks, resins and other materials used in production of note. The machine should be capable of not allowing any fake note to pass as genuine. It is possible only with the detectors specially developed considering the large number of intricacies concerning to Indian notes. A multi currency super fake note detector/ Currency verification & processing Systems is recently launched by an Indian company having web address It is suggested therefore that all the concerned authorities form RBI, Government of India, Banks investigative agencies etc should invariably go through the crucial informations provided in the web site. It could help in curtailing the menace of fake notes prevalent in our country.
kirit vora

HLG Report

Comments on Report of High Level Group on systems & Procedures for currency distribution: HLG’s Recommendations for deployment of Note Sorting Machines/ Desk Top Sorters for Fake Note Detection:

Most of the recent cases of remittance of fake notes to RBI and issuance of fake notes at ATM centers or at cash desk by many leading commercial Banks, (even after using Note Sorting Machines as have been recommended by HLG RBI), have been emerging as a result of erroneous understanding on complexity and intricacies involved in the related technology not only that of notes but also of two different special purpose machines like Note Sorting Machine and genuine Accurate Desk Top Fake Note Detectors, leading to improper/inaccurate fake note detection process. This has been happening mostly as the consequences of not deploying right detection equipments like Desk Top Fake Note Detectors/ Mini Currency Validity Verification & Processing Systems having compatible technology for FICNs detection and using NSM for fake notes detections though have been meant for other basic functions of sorting notes on the basis of preset criterion and can not provide specific function of detection of fake notes while currency validity verification of each notes.

Although the report of HLG RBI recommending Note Sorting Machine for detection of Fake Notes at Cash Desks of Bank branches has been appropriate to the extent & till the time the Accurate much needed Desk Top Fake Note Detectors (DTFNDs)/ Mini Currency Validity Verification & Processing Systems (MCVVPSs) for Bank branches have been introduced in the market..

Now that such machines have arrived in India, all bank branches/treasuries, at their cash Desks, specifically branches those have been dealing with members of public for acceptance and issuance of notes, ought to be equipped with such Desk Top Fake Notes Detector/Sorter or Mini Currency Validity Verification and Processing Systems rather than with NSMs/DTSs and accordingly some fresh guidelines is needed to be issued by RBI to all the Banks and ATM centers. We are sure; it will help our Nation and Banking channel in nabbing fake notes at the root level of its deposits and Issuance at Cash Desks of Banks & ATMs.

The technical aspects on currency notes required to be scanned for purposes of sorting processes; all to gather have been different to that which has been required to be scanned for validity verification and detection of notes. The former involves overall checking of both the faces of notes at very high speed, while as latter involves pixel to Pixel checking of important security features on the notes at the most optimum technical speed for the purpose, as over all scanning have every chances of passing super fake notes for matching the over all features of genuine notes. Super fake notes still bound to have large number of discrepancies with genuine notes if checked pixel to pixel though can match with criterion of genuine notes while over all checking through sorting machines.

The kind of machines Indian Banks at cash counters needed for the fake notes detection purpose are the machine which can verify not only the images, emblems, portraits, texts, water marks, magnetic and other machine readable features of notes but also checks the physical and chemical properties of security paper, varied types of inks, resins, security threads and other materials used in production of notes, constituting large number of check points out of the interrelated combinations & permutations of varied security features in the notes, by automatic one by one pick ups of single note at a time out of the stacked packet of 100 notes of single or mixed denominations, and processes 100 notes in 1 minute which technically have been regarded as optimum for accurate validation & detection of Fake Notes

The machine meant for detection of fake notes as prime function invariably should be capable of not allowing any fake note to pass as genuine. It is possible only with the detectors specially developed considering the large number of intricacies concerning to Indian notes.

The high speeds of NSMs/DTSs, kill the accuracy of fake note detection as it leaves behind large number of security criterions being unchecked and specifically due to incompatibility of NSMs/DTSs of adapting digital technology which ensures the perfection.

NSMs/DTSs can not check/scan notes pixel to pixel leading consequential inaccurate & imperfect detection of fake notes except for detecting poorly fabricated notes and thus runs with great risks of passing fake notes as genuine or rejecting genuine notes as fake or doubtful.

NSMs/DTSs just throw out large number of doubtful notes with comparatively large number of false alarms and carries very high possibility of passing super fake notes as genuine resulting into issuance of such notes at cash counters or at ATM centers.

my friend has a doubt that he get fake note from petrolbunk

hi my friend had a fifty rupees currency in his hand and he get the currency in petrol bunk while putting petrol he has a doubt in that currency kindly give a solution for this


A friend of mine has to write a thesis on this so i need ur help.

A special feature in

A special feature in intaglio has been introduced on the left of the watermark window on all notes except Rs 10 note.

This feature is in different shapes for various denominations (Rs 20-vertical rectangle, Rs 50-square, Rs 100-triangle, Rs 500-circle and Rs 1000-diamond) and helps the visually impaired to identify the denomination.

Banks should display the photos

I suggest that banks should display a picture of fake and original differentiation them.


Make printing process costlier .Make compulsory higher value purchase by debit or credit card only.Open center for fake currency check near by all ATM . Give rewards to public who identify fake currency supplier.


Government should make strong rule against such activities. Also, it should encourage to use plastic money, online payment transfer.

about fake 500 rupees note

i have a 500 rupees note but it does not have a500 water mark which is at leftside of the note. when i deposited this note into the bank the bank professional accepted the note . my question is -- is there any note which doesnot have water mark of 500 is correct?

There are two areas to check

There are two areas to check a bank note. 1. Paper quality and 2. Print quality.
Primarily it is advisable to check whether the quality of paper is sound. Very bad fake notes are identified at this stage.
Secondarily check whether the note has "RBI" in vertical strip of the note. In a genuine note, it is very clear in light. In a fake note, it is just like printed in normal color or placed 'side by the strip' instead of 'on the strip'.
Color of Mahathma Gandhi is also in a poor (odd) color in fake notes.

fake note from SBI atm

I just got a fake Rs. 1000 note from sbi atm which was not accepted in the HDFC bank. i had to throw it off at a loss. Check for the year of printing on the note when u draw money from ATM's.

Yesterday (03/12/2011), I

Yesterday (03/12/2011), I went to withdraw money from SOUTH INDIAN BANK's ATM, I found two fake notes of RS. 500. I asked the watchman to call the branch manager but since he didn't had the contact number of the manager, I dialed 100 and forced the cops to come and check..!! Sadly, even cops don't have the basic knowledge about real and fake notes..!! They took me to police station to take my statement..!! I had to spend 3 hrs in the station just because I didn't wanted others to withdraw fake notes from that ATM. The Sub Inspector was questioning me as if I did something wrong..!! He also said that I did the wrong thing by calling the emergency number..!! As per him, this wasn't a emergency..!! I was just shocked..!! They don't even know the seriousness of fake currency..!! My question to Mumbai Police commissioner is, "why don't you just re-train the cops..!! They also said that instead of contacting them, I should have contacted the bank..!! Even a illiterate can understand that the bank manager will try to close the matter there and there itself..!! Then how will you find out the criminals who plotted those fake notes in the ATM..??"

Cops took the ATM slip and the fake notes. When I asked the cops "by when I can expect the report of those notes..? He said "Can't say..!! It may take 4 months or even a year...!!" this statement is very carefree and shows their dedication towards resolving a major issue which has direct connection with our Indian economy..!!

On seeing this FAKE currency

On seeing this FAKE currency is a great night mare to the Govt.. Even police should have take action we have to think on the policy makers of thinking about Electronic Currency (Money not in Papers) Like Adarsh Identity card should have think about card in Money.... where people should swipe in machines for purchasing / even for any txn's will reduce the fake currency to zero.. Now question araises..... about the haking the electronic technology... It is possible and we can control the haking of software to 1%......

This is only possible in INDIA because of lot of STUFF in India (Software Engineers)..... As people can do big STUFF for US from INDIA.... why can't do for India..... BIG companies... and Goverment of India should setup a planning committee and decide on this
This will be first step of eradicating the FAke currency...
There is no other way !!!!!!!!!!.. Jai Hind!!! Thanks
Senthil From Chennai...

i got a fake thousand note

i got a fake thousand note from the atm of pnb last time

fake note

madarchodh sbi wale unke ma ka bhosda salo ke atm se 1000 ke2 e nakli nikle not