How to have a happy baby?

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Most of you might wonder if it is really possible for a couple to have a happy baby? I mean, is it in our hands that the baby is born happy or not?? Yes, it does sound weird and you might even start thinking, "Oh no I don't want to read this further... it must contain some psychobabble". Your loss. As just by taking small simple steps before conceiving and during pregnancy a couple can ensure that their baby born is a happy baby!

Things You'll Need

Sense of togetherness, realisation of the responsibility that you are going to take on, peaceful acceptance of the change that is to come, joint project.



Make sure that both of you are into it together. Men, don't be under the misconception that your role starts only after the birth of the child! Creating a happy baby starts not with conceiving but with just a thought that yes we want to have a baby. This infuses in a couple a sense of security, a future together, a new responsibility. Just the thought makes you grow up and gives a mature turn to your relationship.


Undertake new joint activities. After conceiving a woman's mind and body undergoes tremendous changes. Not only that but your routine changes as well. No longer can you plan at a whim, eat spontaneously, go on an adventurous trip. Plus there are gynaec visits, sonography reports, tests, etc. Both might find it difficult to adjust to these changes. But accept them for what they are and what joy they will bring to your lives. The best way to takes these changes in your stride is to undertake new couple activities. It will not only divert your attention but it will make you look forward to doing exciting things together. For e.g. When I was pregnant, my husband and I signed up for this lovely 'Art of Parenting' class jointly that made us do fun activities in the class as well as outside. We made some great friends, had outings together, shared our unique experiences of the changes we were undergoing, went on picnics, did yoga and meditation, listened to beautiful mantras and in short had a blast which otherwise we had never done in 8 years of marriage.


Make a vision chart. In order to have a happy baby, visualise her as a happy baby! Dedicate one wall of your personal space to photos of your idols, of those you look up to, those you respect, who are achievers in your eyes, not necessarily famous or celebrities, whom you would like your child to emulate or take after. Mention each quality that you admire of the person and which you would like to see in your baby next to the photo. For e.g. you want your child to be Honest like Gandhiji or Naughty like Krishna, Healthy like Hanuman or Lovable like Ganu bappa. Maybe all these qualities are present in various members of your family.. Replace the names with those of your family members.. Read out each day all the qualities and thank God for making her the way you visualised her. Ask, Believe, Recieve as the Secret says and don't forget to thank! And hey you don't have to wait till you conceive.. As I said its the thought that's going to give birth to the baby.


Make extra sure that you avoid all unnecessary conflicts. Couples during pregnancy fight on things like "hey, you didn't come with me to the doctor!", "hey, I want a chocolate icecream right now!", "hey, why didn't you ask to see my sonography reports?", "I feel you don't love me any more". I know, I know, all these are examples of women complaining to their partners.. But it is true that most of the emotional ups and downs are felt by the women for obvious reasons. Know in advance that you are going to go through an emotional rollercoaster and accept it peacefully. But there is a tip for men too, try to be extra special to your partners during the pregnancy. Your small, thoughtful gestures will go a long way in creating a happy baby!


Do not force the other to do any particular activity nor do anything yourself under force. It will only harbour resentment and negative feelings that will hamper your end goal.