How to get a new Electricity connection in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

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Chennai is one of the four major Metropolitan cities in India. It is indeed a Herculean task to get a house with all the basic facilities in this ever-busy city. The task of getting an electricity connection in this city is definitely challenging. According to Section 27 of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code, it is mandatory to provide supply of electricity to the owner or occupier of any premises, when they apply for electricity connection. The person who needs electricity supply should pay to the Distribution Licensee. The appropriate authority may determine this price. The terms and conditions for obtaining connection include the fact that the occupant must be in lawful occupation of the premises and also execute an indemnity bond in the form prescribed by the Board.



Apply for Domestic or commercial service connection in Form-1 which is obtainable free of cost from the Section Office. Enter all the particulars required in the application Form-1. Produce proper documents to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which electricity supply is required.


An intending consumer who is not the owner of the property shall produce a consent letter from the owner of the premises for availing the supply. This is given in (Form-5). In case the owner is unavailable or refuse to give consent letter, the intending consumer shall produce proof for being a lawful occupant of the premises and also execute an guarantee bond in Form- 6 and accept to pay a security deposit which is twice the normal rate.

Deliver the application to the Section Office either in person or by post and obtain proper acknowledgement.


Upon receipt of an application for supply of electricity, a notice will be sent to the intending consumer that the authorized representative has to meet the Engineer to agree on the place for fixing the meter at a convenient place in the ground floor with easy accessibility for inspection.

All storied buildings, irrespective of the number of floors have to provide place for fixing meter in the ground floor. Notice or Letter will be issued indicating the prescribed charges payable within specific period from the date of receipt of advice.

On receipt of charges only the extension works will be taken up and executed.


The proposed consumer shall permit the licensee, free of cost to use any land belonging to the consumer that may be required for erecting poles, etc. The consumer shall arrange necessary ways for laying of lines and poles at his own expense.

The authorized person specified by the authority does all the wiring work. After completion of the wiring, the intending consumer must send the notice upon the form available free of cost from the offices of the TNEB to the Engineer that the installation has been completed and tested and that the same is complete and ready for inspection and test by the Engineer.

A notice will be sent to the intending consumer to avail supply within the set period.


Deposits and Fees

  • The registration fees for Domestic and low-tension service costs rupees 50 for single phase as well as three phases.
  • Service Connection Charges for Metering Domestic and other Low Tension Service costs about Rupees 250 per service under single phase. In case of three phases it will cost Rupees 500 per service.
  • The charges for 3.0. Meter Caution Deposit under Domestic and Low Tension Service for Single Phase costs Rupees 700/meter. In case of three phases, it costs Rupees 2500/meter.
  • There is Current Consumption Deposit of rupees 200/sc for single-phase connection and a deposit of rupees 600/KW for three-phase connection.
  • A development charge of rupees 400/sc is collected for single phase and a charge of rupees 1400/sc is collected for three phases.


Retain photocopies of your application for your records


Use Solar power for home needs

I would like to confirm you that, could we use solar power for our home needs. Also i need the full info about the usage of solar power for home needs and for company use. How much i have to pay for the installation, Is any restriction for using more than the need.

Your valuable inputs would be a great help to proceed further.

Solar Power

Solar Power can definitely be used for home needs.
The most common uses are for heating water, but the technology for generating power is just getting more efficient and one should soon see it being used more widely.
We are at the moment in the process of setting up a company to provide just that - solar energy!

Enhancement of single phase to three phase connection

Dear Sir,

I have no words to thank you for this wonderful guideline you have made available for Chennai Citizens. I wish to know how to get it all approved hazzlefree from the department officials. You know how things work here. With the information obtained , there is lot more
of action required to handle corrupt officials.

Shifting from single phase to three phase connection

We are using a single phase for my house. I want to upgrade my connection from Single phase to Three phase to avoid heavy load usuages.
I am also planning to have the existing single phase for the tenants in the ground floor and get the three phase connection for our self use in the first floor to reduce the rates.
I am not familiar about the process, could you please help me to know about the process and the total price for get the three phase connection.
Also suggest on my idea of retaining the singlephase and getting another 3 phase - will it be benefical to me.

Thanks in advance

How to get the new EB connection for the upstairs of my house

Recently, I have constructed the upstairs in my house for which I have made exclusively separate wiring. I am paying separate house tax for the newly constructed upstairs. But I have given provision for both entries to the upstairs from the ground floor as well as from outside. The entry to the upstairs from the ground floor can be locked anytime.

Now, I want to have a new EB connection for the upstairs. Many electricians are telling that the TNEB dept won't give the connection since there is entry from the ground floor. But i have seen many houses having separate EB connections where they have entry from the ground floor to upstairs, and even no external entry also.

Also, I have gone thr the rulings of TNEB for the new connection, but no where they have mentioned about the non provision of new connection, if there is an entry from the existing house to the upstairs.

Please clarify Sir, whether i can apply for a new connection for my upstairs. The second connection will save some EB bill for me. Now i am paying more than Rs 4000 for the bimonthly.

New Electrical connection for agricultural land

I have land around 65 Cent and it is agricultural land. I would like to have electrical connection for pumpset/bore. Just in 100 Metre there is another electrical post owned by other farmer. What is the official formality I should do and what is the actual deposit/fee I need to pay.

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