How to get driving directions to any address in Hyderabad

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New websites in India offer street by street driving directions in Hyderabad. Get driving directions to any street address in Hyderabad!



Using MapmyIndia

Go to MapmyIndia. Click on Directions and enter the from and to addresses. This will give you complete street by street directions to get to your destination. Currently this site does not offer door to door directions though. So once you reach your destination street you will still have to ask around or get further directions.

This site can be used for city to city driving directions for anywhere in India.


Using HTIS (Hyd-specific)

Go to HTIS and click on Directions. This site provides you similar driving directions to any destination in Hyderabad. Here you are restricted to only localities instead of specifying streets. Airtel cellular customers can also use their cell phones to query directions, although this is a bit cumbersome as you have to enter locality names correctly.


MapmyIndia also offers directions via a particular city, so if you are planning a trip and you need to pass through a particular area use the “Go Via” option.


Please note that you will still need to get directions from the destination street to the exact address that you are traveling to.


I hope they release door to door directions

This is great! But I hope they will provide door to door directions soon. As you know it is difficult to locate a house or address in most Indian cities.