How to get beer shoppee or wine shoppe license in India

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Many of us thinks to start some businesses like beer or wine shoppe but most of us are unware of the procedure to get the license.Many governement procedures are lengthy and are very tiresome.I am sure that if you are not famous from sociatey or if you are not known political worker the government officers take your three to four visits to know only the procedure.This may be wrong in some extent but it is true 90% from personal experience.Then you want to know the procedure to start a beer or wine shop.Lets see it throughly.The permission issuing authority is
State Excise Duty Department
Of your district

Things You'll Need

  1. Aggrement for place.
  2. Bank gurantee.
  3. Fees in prescribed format.
  4. Income tax certificate.
  5. Place owners certificate for giving you permission to open the shop in his place.
  6. Map of place
  7. Municiple corporation's No Obligation Certificate.
  8. Police stations certificate that you are not filed with any type of offense or FIR.
  9. Rs.100 bond paper guarrenting that you have no due for income tax or sales tax.
  10. Partnership sertificates and bonds(if any).
  11. Shop and organizzation rgistartion and permission certifiacte.
  12. Solvency Certificate
  13. And From in prescribed format



Go the office of superitendent for State excise duty department of your district or division.


Get application from in prescribed fromat.


Get all the necessary documents as states above.


Pay the fees as requried.The information about how to pay the fees is given on application from.After completing all the requriements submit the apllication to appropriate authority.