How to Decorate a Clay pot with ceramic

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Decorating a clay / earthern pot with ceramic
Home made decorative items are always on must have list. Usually we carry a notion that to make a handicraft on own requires to be a good artist.It does in a lot of things but here i share a very simple piece of handicraft that any one can try hand on.Ceramic pot painting as it is commonly know is a very simple yet beautiful art. It can be done at home without joining any art classes.I am sharing a very simple method of ceramic pot decoration.hope you will like it and also will try to create your own masterpiece with this method...

Things You'll Need

  • A plain earthen pot,
  • Ceramic clay,
  • News paper,
  • Fevicol (or any other similar adhesive),
  • Acrylic colors,
  • Paint brush,
  • Black or white oil paint.
  • Note: ( you can choose any color you want for the background black and white are my personal favorites and they also allow your art work to be more flamboyant.)
  • Water.



Paint the pot with oil paint: Take your pot, clean it with cloth and paint it with the oil paint. Depending on the design that you make and colors you chose for your design you can choose the background color.


Preparing the clay dough: For making clay dough you need to first soak the newspaper in water and then grind it into fine paste. Now mix the paper paste clay in 1:3 ratio respectively. Knead the dough adding water and little amount of fevicol.


Shaping the clay: Before shaping the clay you need to think of a design, flowers look the best in pots.For making flower:Make each petal separately.Make small balls and then shape them to a petal.


Stick the items to the pot: Once you are done with one flower stick all the petals on the place(depending on the design chosen by you.)Than again make another flower, leaves, stem whatever items you want to make. And keep on sticking them.
Do not keep the dough for longer period of time.


Color the design: Once you have stuck all the items and have completed you design. Let it dry for one day. When the items are completely stuck and dry you are all set to paint your design.You can chose acrylic colors for painting your design. If you prefer more luster then you can use pearl colors.