How to get bus route (BMTC) and timing information for Bangalore

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Are you new to Bangalore and are trying to figure out bus route and timings?  Finding it hard to figure out which bus to take and when?  Follow these simple guidelines to get BMTC bus route and timings in Bangalore.



BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) now offers bus route and timing information on their website.  Currently this site only offers bus route information where a single bus route connects 2 destinations.  In case there is no direct bus to your destination you will have to enter one of the 3 Central Bus Stations/Stands - Shivajinagar Bus Stand, Kempegowda Bus Stand or K R Market.  Once you get the bus routes to a Central Bus Stand now get a 2nd route from the bus stand to your final destination.  You can also get scheduled bus timings for each route.


Mapunity has started a new website: BTIS.  Click on the Bus Route link where you can enter your origin and destination localities to get bus recommendations.  Similar to the BMTC site this site also does not support in-direct bus routes.  So follow the instructions above when a single bus route does not connect your origin to your destination.  This site does not offer bus timings yet.


Volvo Buses

Route information, timing and other details for Volvo/Vajra buses can be found at BMTC Volvo


  • Check with any localites to make sure you get better recommendations for bus travel.
  • You can pay fares by cash or buy passes here


  • Buses in Bangalore do not always operate according to schedule.  Traffic delays normally cause buses to run behind schedule.
  • Always check with other people waiting at a bus stand to confirm that the bus you are interested in, stops at the bus stand!


Buses to Seshadripuram

I want bus nos to reach seshadripuram directly from sudhamnagar OR NR road.when the bus service starts i mean the first bus in the morning
Pls reply

All buses between 250 and

All buses between 250 and 276 from Townhall stop(Coming from market) will take you to Seshadripuram (Nataraj theatre) stop-buses generally start around 5AM


can u plz tell me whether der s any direct bus from majestic to ms engineering coll,not ms ramaiah engg coll......

298M available regularly

298M available regularly from majestic upto doddajala from where you have to use local transport like auto or something inside ss

i need details of bus numbers from bannergatha to kaggadaspura o

hi, i new to banglore my office z at BCHS #28 layout .i heard dat der is no direct bus . i want details bus numbers n timing n stands etc... plz help me soon . n me leaving at kaggadaspura i need to go daily as mentioned above.i need all volvo n normal bus details n numbers n timing also

ot able to understand

ot able to understand BCHS-any landmark or location for the same??

sry my office is opposite

sry my office is opposite to new gopalan mall. n shopper stop. so i need bus numbers n timing of both vovlo n non volvo

From Kaggadasapura take any

From Kaggadasapura take any bus of 314 series to Indiranagar 100ft road junction from where 201G,201J,201M,MBS-8, 412 , Volvo 201R and AC Marcopolo 201RC available to Jayadeva Hospital from where you can walk down to the office(Turn left getting down from the bus at the signal and walk till the point where the Bannerghatta road side ramp of flyover starts)

Option2: Take market/majestic bound buses to Brigade road junction from where G4 is regularly available to Mico Layout checkpost and stops right in front of Gopalan mall

vigan nagar to indra nagar bus numbers.....

thanks u so much. n small enquiry i need bus to indra nagar from vigan nagar. volvo n non volvo bus numbers. n timing plzz.
i need timing also after evening 6.

Is there a direct bus from yelahanka to EGL

Is there a direct bus from yelahanka to EGL

Direct bus not

Direct bus not available-take 404 or 290E to Indian Express and take 330 or 331 serie sbuses from there to domlur and walk down to EGL

bus from ITPL to kengeri

hi is there any direct bus from ITPL to kengeri? if not what are the options?

D-6 (Ordinary) is direct bus

D-6 (Ordinary) is direct bus between ITPL and Kengeri having frequency of a bus every 15 minutes once. MBS-24 and Volvo 500KR available from Rajarajeshwarinagar gate- Or take Volvo 500K,500KA,500KB,500KC etc to Nayandahalli from where regular services available to Kengeriss

Jalvayu Vihar, Kammanahalli to 80ft road,Indiranagar

I want to know the bus numbers which ply between Jalvayu Vihar, Kammanahalli and 80ft Road, Indiranagar. Also could you please tell me the frequency of the buses.

MBS-8 and 412 available

MBS-8 and 412 available regularly to indiranagar 100ft road-CMH road junction from where you can take 139 or 138 to 80ft road

hi, I want to go from

I want to go from navarang to V V puram (jain college). Is there any direct buses? Or is there any convenient bus facility in the mornings?

T-12 is available regularly

T-12 is available regularly to Ramakrishna Ashram from where Jain college is just about 5-10 minutes walk


Hello ,
I would like to know which buses we can board to get to wonder la? Buses are safer and have better connectivity, BMTC provides one of the best bus services, hence I would like to know the timings of the buses so the trip can be made safer and enjoyable.

226 series buses ss

226 series buses regularly available from and run via Mysore Road, MCTC, Rajarajeshwarinagar gate and Kengeri and have a good frequency

bus route

please tell me the bus route to vasanthanagar from majestic

Corruption In BMTC Busses

I am traveling every day by 2 (Wilson Garden to Richmond and Richmond to Trinity)BMTC Buses . But every day At least one conductor is taking money without giving tickets. Every day i am facing this problem. Could some body take action on this. If they are not giving tickets i am compelling to get tickets but they are saying we don't have change to give. Could you please make this problem by change giving is the conductor problem, not user problem they have to give. Tamilnadu govt is better than this BMTC.
Balaji .

Urgent info required

hi i want to know from where in kormangala BIAS 7A start for Airport. Cna any one suggest me today i have to travel on tomorrow 17 of july .
Thanks any one can response me quickly.

please check at

please check at under Vayu Vajra-or better enquire at HSR Complex with the Time keeper

Bus route numbr from Shivaji nagar to Koramangala

Please give details about bus numbers from Shivaji nagar depo to Koramangala police station. Which places it is going through?

164 and 166. 164 runs via

164 and 166. 164 runs via Richmond Circle, Nanjappa Circle, and Adugodi. 166 runs via Richmond circle, Shantinagar, Dairy circle and Adugodi. 164 is more frequent compared to 166

Plz Help

Plz help with the Bus Numbers to go from Ramamurthy Nagar signal(outer ring road) to Jaynagar 3rd block and also how to come bac from Jaynagar 3rd block to Ramurthy nagar signal

Option 1: From outer Ring

Option 1: From outer Ring Road take D-5 or 500A to Jayanagar 5th block, cross the road onto 9th main and take 2 series or 215C,215D,215E,215H,215M from there to Jayanagar 3rd block-Return take 24,25 or 27 series buses to Eastend and take D-5 from there

Option2:Take 300E or other majestic/shivajinagar/market buses(Of 300 series) to Indian Express junction and take 13,20,27,29,210G,210GA,210F,210Q etc from there to jayanagar 4th block-return you have to change at Shivajinagar

Option 3: Take 315 series bound to majestic/market to Richmond Circle signalGet down at the signal) and take 13,20,27,29,210G,210GA,210F,210Q,210HA etc from there to Jayanagar 3rd block-Return you can change at richmond circle bus stop just at the end of the flyover ss

Banashankari 3rd stage to ISKON

Please help find buses plying between BSK 3rd Stage to ISKON.

From ring road junction

From ring road junction 203,401S, Volvo 500KA and Volvo 500KB are direct buses but not very frequent. Take 410,410C,410E or volvo etc to Vijayanagar and take 401 series buses from there to Isckon

Timing of 100E bmtc bus

can anyone plz tell me the timings of 100E bus from palace guttahalli.

route from hennur to cox town

Can anyone let me know which bus should i take to go from hennur road to cox town circle?

Take any majestic, market or

Take any majestic, market or shivajinagar buses to Bangalor eEast and take Banaswadi bound buses from there to ITC from where you can walk down


Which bus to catch from majestic? or atleast from shantinagar bus terminal?

From majestic 364,365 and

From majestic 364,365 and 369 series buses will take you to IIMB. From Shantinagar Bus stand 365 series, 369C,369H,364H etc will take you to IIMB

Bus route from Devinager to Christ college/ Forum via ring ro

Hi ,

Pl can you tell me if there are any buses running on the ring road from Devinager to closest place to Forum mall or Christ college ? Could you also tell me the timigs or how frequent they are.

Are there any direct buses from Yelahanka to Christ college ? What is the frequency or timing ?

The best option is to take

The best option is to take 288 series buses to Majestic and take any bus between 340 and 362 leaving majestic(Except 340T, 343B ,348B ,348G )

From Yelahanka 356J is direct bus available to St. Johns but frequency is very poor.

hi, can any one tell route

can any one tell route from Forum Mall to college

Take K1 to Dairy circle and

Take K1 to Dairy circle and take any bus between 365 and 372 from there(Except 366A,368B,368E & 369 series etc) to Gottigere

Direct bus to Manyata Business Park

How do I reach Manyata Business Park (b/w Hebbal & Nagawara) from Majestic...Do I have a direct bus from Majestic or Vidhana Soudha? Please advice...

292A is direct bus available

292A is direct bus available but low frequency-best option is to take bus between 290 & 292 from majestic to Nagavara junction on ring road and take 500 series buses to manyata from there

Please send me the bus route

Please tell me the bus route from bangalore airport to koramangala 1st block?

BIAS-7 and BIAS-7A from

BIAS-7 and BIAS-7A from airport to HSR layout pass via Koramangla 1st block. BIAS 8 and BIAS-8A will take you to Agara

Sir can u tell me the bus

Sir can u tell me the bus number's and timing's of buses from shivajinagar to kormangala 4th block..

164 and 166. 164 is

164 and 166. 164 is available frequently with an average frequency of bus every 15-20 minutes once-141K is available from NGV but the frequency is very poor though route wise it is the shortest

request for more bus on route 238V

there are less bus at 238V at 8.30am there is less bus to nagarbhavi circle to chandra layout..where as people are more in that route please consider

which is shortest route from

which is shortest route from uttarhalli to chandra layout

Shortest route is to catch a

Shortest route is to catch a bus to Kengeri(375,378) from where 401K and 401 will take you to Chandra layout circle from where you can walk inside to chandra layout

Buses from Bomanahalli to Frazer Town?

Could you please let me know if any buses are available from bomanahalli bus stop to frazer town?

Direct bus not

Direct bus not available-take B3,356G,360G,362B,362C,362 etc to shivajinagar and take buses between 296 an d302 to Frazer Town


Sir, I want to go to M.S Palya from Malleshwaram(Central), plz quide me the bus route and bus number

266 series-but bus frequncy

266 series-but bus frequncy is lesser so better to take 269B, 276 or 276E to vidyaranyapura and take an auto from there ss

can u plz tel me the bus

can u plz tel me the bus numbers n timings from chandra layout or attiguppe to CAPS(CA coaching centre) which is in banashankari 1st stage?


60A,60B,60C,60D,60E,60G,60N,60P,65B, K-3 to Ramakrishna Ashram and walk down from there to CAPS

BTW be on time for shetty sir's classes or else you will have to stay out
Have a nice time-I enjoyed my 6 months coaching there

What is the bus number/route?

How to raech from Kaggadaspura main road to SAP Labs,Whitefield? Please tell bus no. and route as well.

Thanks in advance!

Shivajinagar Bus stand to

Shivajinagar Bus stand to MEI Polytechnic,Rajajinagar buses.

63 series bound to

63 series bound to vijayanagar from Shivajinagar

Bus route no.

Dear sir, i want 2 knw bus no. Frm jayadeva hospital(jayanagar east end) to kalyanagar bus depot(bangalore city college),pls help me sir , want to go their for examination...

MBS-8, 500A,D-5 ss

MBS-8, 500A,D-5

madiwala to ulsoor lake

sir i need bus route number and timing's form madiwala to ulsoor lake

jp nagar 8th phase to domlur

hi plz friends tell me is any buses are there from jp nagar 8th phase to domlur even visa versa plz tell me friends its urjent also

Direct bus not

Direct bus not available-best option is to walk down to Bannerghatta road(Gottigere/Arekere) take G4 to Brigade road junction and take any bus between 322 and 339 from there to Domlur

Option2: Take 215H to Corporation,walk down to stop on Kasturba road an dtake any bus between 322 and 339 from there. If you spot MBS-11(415/29) take it to Richmond and take the above mentioned buses from there ss

route map

i wanna go to forum from tinfactory can u pls tell me which bus i have to catch from tin factory

Option 1: Take G-12 or any

Option 1: Take G-12 or any other bus bound to market/majestic/shivajinagar to Brigade road junction and take G-2,362B,362C,360G,356G etc to Forum from there.

Option 2: Take 500A,500D,D-5,D-12 etc to Silk boARD , walk down to Madiwala and take any majestic/market/shivajinagar to there

Hi, Can anyone tell me what

Hi, Can anyone tell me what time 500N volvo arrives at Ragigudda bus stop in the mornings.

from ramakrishna ashrama to manyata tech park

from ramakrishna ashrama to manyata tech park

which is the best route?
whether its safe for girls to travel in that route?
approx time needed? in morning and evening?

bus route and bus no.s

Hi im new to bangalore, plz let me know the bus routes and bus no.s from richmond circle/shantinagar/shivajinagar to kamakya theatre(BSK 3rd stage) and also plz let me know are these buses available after 10:30pm/11 pm .



13E,13J,13G,34A-but frequency is quite less-the better option is to take a bus to Banashankari and take 201 series from there

Bus root from majestic to hsr layout 4

Can you sajust me bus time to go from majestic to THE OXFORD COLLEGE OF SCIENCE 32 19TH MAIN 17TH 'B' BLOCK SECTOR 4 HSR LAYOUT BANGALORE-560102 VENU-1

340 series buses ss

340 series buses

Yesvantpur to Arekere

what is direct/indirect bus route from YPR rly stn to Arekere?

Direct bus not

Direct bus not available-best option is to take a bus to majestic and take any bus between 365 and 370 leaving majestic(including 364A,364F)

mekhri circle to nandi hills

hey can someone plz tell me which buses i should take from mekhri circle to get to nandi hills?

KSRTC buses to

KSRTC buses to Chikaballapura and take the buses fom there to Nandi hills-very few direct buses available to nandi hills from bangalore

bus route from Domlur to Kalayan Nagar

Can you please tell me which bus to take to go from Domlur to Kalyan Nagar.
What is the the frequency of the same.

Thanks In Advance

MBS-8 and 412A-MBS-8 has an

MBS-8 and 412A-MBS-8 has an average frequency of a bus every 15-20 minutes once

How much time it takes?

Can you please let me know how much time it takes for V 335EA to reach Yeshwatpur railway station from ITPL? I hope for yeshwantpur railway station from ITPL the bus is correct....

V 335 EA stops at

V 335 EA stops at Yeshvantapur bus stand an dthe frequency of the bus is quite poor-in normal times the bus will require a minimum of 80-90 minutes to traverse the section-Or better option is take 330 or 331 series to shivajinagar from where 252A,258N,G-8,B-3,K-1 etc will take you to Yeshvantapur rather than waiting for this direct bus

need to know about bus timings from igate to hebbal and vicevers

Please let me know the bus timings from Hebbal to ITPL and igate to Hebbal

Volvo 500DF is direct route

Volvo 500DF is direct route and is said to be frequent in office hours-or better option is take volvo 500A,500D etc to K.R.Puram Rly station from where 304,306 and 319 series buses will take you to ITPL

Regarding igate there are many plcaes-please specify the igate you are looking for

buses from hebbal to igate and vice versa

hi, i need to know the buses from hebal to igate (igate patni in EPIP zone) whitefield, near SAP LABS.

pls advice

best route to reach frazer town from chikkalsandra

can any one help me telling the best way to reach frazer town gfrom chikkal sandra

Take majestic bound buses of

Take majestic bound buses of 210J,210N,210P,210I,210K etc to Townhall and take buses between 300 and 302 from there to Frazer Town. ss

need Timeing

Dear Sir
kindly please give a narayanpura bus times please it useful for us.
bcoz most of people (new comr in udadaya nager) dont know bus timeings
if u give it will help for us
kindly please give sir.

How to go the jayanagar 4th

How to go the jayanagar 4th block from kormangala first block

K-3 available quite

K-3 available quite frequently from Koramangla /Jakkasandra stop to Jayanagar 4th block ss

early mornign bus timings from jayanagar 9th block to majestic

hi can i plz find the bmtc bus timings to majestic from jayanagar 9th block early morning....actually i hv train at 6 der r any buses running early morning at 5?0r 4.30? from jayanagar 9th block..

Buses on route no. 18 start

Buses on route no. 18 start only around 5:30-best option is to walk down to Jayanagar Pump house/East end stop and take 25 series buses to majestic which start by 4:45AM

bus inquire

which bus go direct from marathahalli to don bosco college azad nagar bangaore

From marathahalli take

From marathahalli take market bound buses to market and take any bus between 218 and 239 leaving market to mysore road tolgate which is closest stop to azadnagar ss

way from marathalli to

way from marathalli to kanakpura road can any one help me reachimg dere