How to get bus route (BMTC) and timing information for Bangalore

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Are you new to Bangalore and are trying to figure out bus route and timings?  Finding it hard to figure out which bus to take and when?  Follow these simple guidelines to get BMTC bus route and timings in Bangalore.



BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) now offers bus route and timing information on their website.  Currently this site only offers bus route information where a single bus route connects 2 destinations.  In case there is no direct bus to your destination you will have to enter one of the 3 Central Bus Stations/Stands - Shivajinagar Bus Stand, Kempegowda Bus Stand or K R Market.  Once you get the bus routes to a Central Bus Stand now get a 2nd route from the bus stand to your final destination.  You can also get scheduled bus timings for each route.


Mapunity has started a new website: BTIS.  Click on the Bus Route link where you can enter your origin and destination localities to get bus recommendations.  Similar to the BMTC site this site also does not support in-direct bus routes.  So follow the instructions above when a single bus route does not connect your origin to your destination.  This site does not offer bus timings yet.


Volvo Buses

Route information, timing and other details for Volvo/Vajra buses can be found at BMTC Volvo


  • Check with any localites to make sure you get better recommendations for bus travel.
  • You can pay fares by cash or buy passes here


  • Buses in Bangalore do not always operate according to schedule.  Traffic delays normally cause buses to run behind schedule.
  • Always check with other people waiting at a bus stand to confirm that the bus you are interested in, stops at the bus stand!


Monthly pass

This year, My daughter is studying for Dental at KIMS college (Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science).
KIMS having lectures at two different locations viz:-
1. KIMS Dental College - V V Puram
2. KIMS Medical College - Banashankari
Now since we livie in J P Nagar 1st phase area( R V Dental College ), my daughter got to travel both the places from residence that is, up and down from J P Nagar depending on the requirement.
Now she needs a bus pass which will enable her to travel both these places
we have requested the college to issue us a letter to support our request with BMTC to consider.
Please advise wheather my daughter can take a pass from KIMS Banashankari to KIMS V VPuram with a change over at J P Nagar 1st phase to reach both the location depending on the college' instructions?
please advise
thanks and best regard
Kiran Rao.

You can make it as KIMS VV

You can make it as KIMS VV puram to JP nagar 1st phase via Sarakki gate-now that all buses are plying via sarakki gate this option will the fastest to reach both colleges-she can use market bus from sarakki gate to reach her college

Hulimavu Gate to KR Puram railway station

please inform the easy way through BMTC bus from Hulimavu Gate to KR Puram railway station

Hulimavu to KRPuram railway station

The direct bus is 411B. But it is very in frequent.
From Hulimavu gate, take a bus(364 to372) to East end or Jayadeva Hospital.
From there, take bus number C1, 500A, 500L going towards BTM layout to reach KR Puram railway station.

bus number

i wish know the bus number baswesaranagar to mctc

K-3 available very 15

K-3 available very 15 minutes once-apart from that 60N will also take you

best way from maratha halli to banashankari

i want to know the bus numbers and routes from marathahalli to banashankari. please tell me


Ordinaries: 500,500A,C-1,500L,501BA,502,502C,C-4,MBS-24,
Volvo: 500C,500K,500KA,KB,KC,KR,KS. ss

I want to go to Bagmane

I want to go to Bagmane World Technology Centre,Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura,KR Puram, Doddanekkundi Village from BTM 1st stage.

Can anyone help me out with route number and bus timings that would be of great help to me

To Bagmane tech park: Volvo

To Bagmane tech park: Volvo 201R or marcopolo 201RC

To K.R>Puram Rly station/mahadevapura/doddenakundi: 500,500A,C-1,500L,501BA


Dont take Volvo201R or 201RC

Volvo 201R or marcopolo 201RC goto Bagmane techpark near CV Raman nagar. but not to Bagmane tech park near Doddanekkundi. Dont take these buses.

Bus Route Info

I need to know the bus route going from Manipal Hospital to Passport Office (Koramangala/Ejipura) and also timing if possible.

411A, 411D, 411L, 411J, 411M

Direct buses: 411A, 411D, 411J, 411L, 411M. infrequent.

Take a bus from Manipal hospital to Domlur flyover. Walk down to the bus stop on the Koramangala inner ring road. Take any bus from there to reach Koramangala/Ejipura.

Could you please tell me the

Could you please tell me the buses and timings from indian express to Tata Silk Farm

Bus Route Between Horamavu and Marathalli

I would like to know if there is any bus that ply's between Horamavu and Marathalli. If not how do i reach Marathalli from Horamavu....

Horamavu to marathahally

From Horamavu reach Outer Ring road(Banasawadi under bridge). From the bus stop at the starting of the underpass, take buses 500A, 500D, 500T, 501, C1, 502A, 500DA, 500DB. 503, MBS17

help needed Buses from Jayanagar 4th block to Uttarahalli

Sir, can you please help me with the bus numbers between Jayanagar 4th block and uttarahalli and if possible their frequency...

FDR1, FDR2, 222G, 210F

FDR1, FDR2, 222G, 210F

373-G timings


Please can you let me know the timings of 373-G buses (afternoon and evening). Afternoon araival time at btm watertank and evenings araival time at basavanagudi(south end).

It would be very kind of you.


600, 600-E, 601


I would like to know the timings of the routes 600, 600E and 601. Basically, trying to figure out how easy is it to go from dommasandra to hoodi

Apart from 600, 600E and

Apart from 600, 600E and 601, you can even take bus 328B or 328H(the frequency is 5 to 10 minutes) to reach Hope Farm, from there take any of these buses - 304, 305, 306, 319, 320, 321, 339 going towards hoodi.

BMTC stop and route

WE are planning to go to Forum Value mall at WHITE FIELDS from Raheja residency KORAMANGALA .Please give me Bus Number and stop to board the bus from and to and Vice versa

From forum backside take G-2

From forum backside take G-2 or B-2 to Brigade road junction,walk down to mayo hall and take 333E ,327C an dother varthoor bound buses from there

bus timings

buses from bangalore to doddaballapur and ghati subramanya and back to bangalore. Please also give me the timings

Bus from RVCE to Marathahalli

Is there any bus to marathahalli, intel office from RV College(Mysore Road).
I need to be there by 2:30.

502,C-4 are direct buses. Or

502,C-4 are direct buses. Or take 501,501A,C-3 etc to Banashankari and take 500,500A,C-1 etc from there to marathahalli

bus from bilekahalli to bommanhalli

can someone please tell me how to get to bommanhalli from bilekahalli and through which bus please

AS-5 but it is not frequent.

AS-5 but it is not frequent. Take 364G to Kodichikkanhalli an dtake 343B from there but even they arent frequent

Bus from marathalli to Forum and BTM

Hi Sir,

Could you pl tell me the buses number that are directly operating between Marathalli to kormangla (forum mall), and Marathalli to BTM.


From Marathahalli take

From Marathahalli take 500A,500C,500D,C-1, 500F ,500L, 500N, 501 ,502 ,502C ,MBS-24,C-4,Volvo 500C,500K,KA

Marathahally to Koramangala Forum

From Marathahally take buses(500, 502) on Outer ring road to reach Agara.
From agara take buses on Route numbers 340, 341 and 342 to reach Koramangala forum. With this you can avoid walking from Silkboard to Madiwala and also saves some time.

bangalore to hogenakkal and return bus timings

i wish to travel from bangalore to hogenakkal and return the same day,
i want to know the bus timing for both the sides and pls tell me the details of when it starts as i was to start early in that day and return back by 10:30 at night

TNSTC buses from MCTC(via

TNSTC buses from MCTC(via Hosur) and KSRTC buses from K.R.Market (Via Kanakapura)available to Hogenakkal-but frequency of the buses not so good-better take a TNSTC buses from MCTC/Corporation/lalbagh/Silk board to Dharmapuri and take a town bus from there-TNSTC bus to Dharmapuri via Hosur and Rayakottai will take you faster than one via Krishnagiri

From Christ College from Srinagar, Bangalore - bus route

How to reach From Srinagar (Hanumanthanagar) to Christ College by bus.
Let me know the frequency and what time of buses are there (Volvo, Redboard, blackboard) and how much ticket cost........

Srinagar to Hosur Road

Take bus number 201, 201R(volvo) from Srinagar to reach Madiwala. From Madiwala take buses going to Market and Majestic (343 to 361) to reach Christ college.

If you get bus number 37 from Srinagar, get down at Lalbagh main gate, from there take any bus 343 to 361 to reach christ college.

how to go kalyan nagar from yelhanka and jaya nagar 4th block

May i know all the bus numbers form yelhanka to kalyan nagar and jayanagar 4th block to kalyan nagar...

From Yelahanka take any

From Yelahanka take any majestic/market/shivajinagar bus to Hebbal,walk down to Ring road stop and take 501,500A,C-1,C-2,502A,501E etc to Kalyan nagar from there

From Jayanagar 4th block take 2 or 215 series to Jayanagar 5th block and take MBS-8 or 500A,C-1 etc from there

From Yelahanka: Direct bus

From Yelahanka:
Direct bus from Yelahanka to kalyananagar ring road is 400C. there is only one bus so infrequent.
Direct bus from Yelahanka upanagara is 500AA and 500DA

Take bus numbers 290E, 291D, MBS2 from Yelahanka to nagavara ring road. Frequency is 5 to 10 mins.
From there take buses on ring road going towards Hennur cross to reach kalyan nagar bus stand.

volvo bus from Arekere gate to richmond circle

Pls help. I need to go to baldwin girls school daily which is in richmond road and would like to know if there are volvo buses from arekere gate to richmond circle
thanks in advance for the info

Arakere gate to Richmond Road

From arakere gate take bus G4, 368(A,B....) to reach shoolay circle(Richmond road). From there walk down to Baldwin school.

Volvo buses on route number 365 go to majestic via Richmond circle, but i am not sure whether they stop in Richmond circle. Please check this. If they stop, you can use this service. From richmond circle, baldwin school is at a walkable distance.

G4 and 368 series are the

G4 and 368 series are the best. 365 doesnt have astop near Richomnd-after KH road they stop only at Pallavi talkies

Bur route from BTM layout to Nagarjuna college of engineering

Hi all,

Could some one tell me which bus and route should I take to reach Nagarjuna college of engineering and technology,Mudugurki,Venkatgirikote,
Devanhalli,Bangalore from BTM layout 1st stage? also tell me about the frequency of buses and if any buses are available to that place in the morning around 6.30 am to 7am. How long will it take to reach?

Thanks in advance.

Nagarjuna college of

Nagarjuna college of engineering is not connected by BMTC buses-you have to use KSRTC buses from majestic to reach there. From BTM bus stand take 25 series to majestic and take a KSRTC bus from there-it might take an approx of 90-120 minutes average

bus number of ksrtc to nagarjuna college of engineering

thnks for the info.. can you pls tell me which bus number(KSTRC bus) I should take from majestic to reach nagarjuna college of engineering? pls reply me. its very urgent.

There is no number-you can

There is no number-you can actually take Chikkaballapura bound buses

new route - 504F


I work at Bhoruka tech Park near hoodi/Mahadevpura, And need to travel from/to Marathahalli.

I believe the newly introduced 504F would be greatly helpful, especially on the return journey.

Anybody who have noticed the time the bus reach bhoruka techpark/mahadevpura in the evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm? please post the timings here. Approximate time would do.

Also, does anybody know of the direct route to Bhoruka techpark, from Marathahalli?

504, 504A

Route number 504 and 504A are the direct buses from marathahally to Hoodi. These buses operate as a circle route from TinFactory to TinFactory.
However, they take a long route from marathahally bridge(Kundalahallygate, Whitefield, HopeFarm, ITPL) to reach Hoodi.

The other 2 options are:
From marathahally reach KRPuram railway station(500, 502, C1, 411B, 503...), take a bus to Bhoruka techpark(304, 305, 306, 320, 319, 321, 339, 601).
From marathahally bridge reach BigBazaar stop near ITPL(V335E, V335EA, V333Z, V333T, V335T, 335H, c4, MBS24, 502...), from BigBazaar take bus to Bhoruka tech park(all buses on 304 to 306, 319, 320, 321, 339, 600)

bus route 63,176,75

do they go to malleshwaram 13th or 18th cross after passing through navrang?

75 series go to Malleshwram

75 series go to Malleshwram 13th as well as 18th. 176 goes to malleshwaram circle and turns into Vyalikaval. 63 goes to malleshwaram circle and passes through Link road to Shivananda circle

Bus route from Mico layout

Please suggest me the bus route from mico layout to itpl. We stay near to btm lake road(which connects btm bus stand and bannerghatta road). We heard that mico layout is near to lake road and frequent buses are available. We would like to know where exactly is mico layout bus stop and the bus numbers. Also, my wife's office is in south end road. Is there any direct bus to reach there? Or any bus which connects jayanagar and south end

From BTM lake road you will

From BTM lake road you will require to walk all the way to one of the ring road stops(Mico layout near Jayadeva Flyover, BTM water tank, Udupi garden or BTM bus stand) depending on the part of the road you stay, From one of those stops take 502,C-4,MBS-24 ordinaries or Volvo 500C,500K,500KA,KB,KC,KM,KR,KS,500BM etc to ITPL. Volvo frequency are higher than ordinaries to ITPL

To south end from either of the above stops1F, 3E,25F, 25G ,60E ,60L ,60N,60P,240P 24,24A,24F etc will take you to south end. From bannerghatta road(3rd phase stop) 3F,60B,24E,24H will take you to south end ss

Bus route from whitefield railway station to Domlur

Hi. Please help me with bus route and bus numbers from white field railway station to Domlur bus stand.

From whitefield Rly station

From whitefield Rly station buses from kadugodi towards majestic/market/shivajinagar between 320 and 339 will take you to domlurss

326C, 326E, 333E, 331, 331A, 335E, 320D

326C, 326E, 333E, 331, 331A(Volvo), 335E(Volvo), 320D

buses from vijaynagar to

buses from vijaynagar to MPTc are very few and no buses during afternoon till evening 5.

bus route

Which bus no goes from Kumdanhalli Gate to Domlur (2nd stage) ? Thanks in advance

Kundalahally gate to domlur

322 to 328(A to N), 329(A to H), 331, 331A, 332, 333B, 333E, 333G, 333K, 333L, 333N, 333Z, 333T, 335, 335A, 335E, 335EA, 335G, 335T

hi friends,

Dear friends i need an information regarding buses from (and to) domlur to 4th T block jayanagar via kormangala. Kindly pls let me at the earliest

Take 201G,J,M,MBS-8,315G,412

Take 201G,J,M,MBS-8,315G,412 or Volvo 201R to Marenhalli petrol pump and take an auto from there

Bannerghatta Road To Sarjapur (Wipro)

Please help me in finding the bus route from Bannerghatta Road (Meenakshi Temple) to Sarjapur (Wipro). Is there any straight bus route is available. (Volvo buses preferable)


bus numbers from madivala to

bus numbers from madivala to jeevan bhima nagar
bus numbers from silk board to jeevan bhima nagar
bus numbers from koramangala to jeevan bhima nagar
bus numbers from shanthinagar depo to jeevan bhima nagar

madiwala to

madiwala to jeevanbhimanagar: 201G,J,M(201MA from madiwala mosque)
Silk board to jeevanbhimanagar: Same as above
Koramangla bus stand: Take 340,341 or 342 to Kormangla watre tank and take either of the above buses-from Sonyworld,Canara bank etc the above routes available
From Shantinagar take any shivajinagar bound bus(13,27,29,210) to Richmond circle and take 138 from there

Bus from Basavanagudi to Manyata Tech Park


Are there any direct buses from Basavanagudi (Post Office) or Bull Temple Road to Nagavara / Manyata Tech Park. Please suggest volvo buses also.


Direct bus not available.

Direct bus not available. Take 15E,15G,15H,15K,15L,210A,210R,210U etc to Townhall and take any bus between 290 and 292 from there to Nagawara

Plz Help

Hi Sir,

what all bus no. will reach jayangar4th block to silkboard are hosur road...

201V, 373B , 411A and volvo

201V, 373B , 411A and volvo 356Q. Betetr take 24,25 or 27 series to east end and take 201,500,600 series etc from there to silk board. ss

Bus route from koramangala depo to electronic city

Hi All,

How to travel from koramangala bus depot or sony world to electronics city from BMTC bus.




Not adhering to scheduled timings by route no.287T

The subject bus (from city market to Dasarahalli (Hebbal) which is scheduled departure at 17.40 hrsfrom city market daily departures at 1715-1720 hrs. Inspite of stand TC at market and also to toll free number is it of no use. Conductor (lady) says that, due to traffic she is leaving early so that, she can reach her home in time. She is not interested in the public's inconvenience. During April 2010 a email complaint was lodged however no action has been taken till today. Will the concerned look in to this issue?

bus no from btm 1st stage to shantlnagar

hello sir,
i want information about buses from udupi garden stop to shantinagar where st.joseph s college , pg block no.36 lies.Please let me knw

27,27N and 161D will take u

27,27N and 161D will take u to shantinagar bus stand but frequency quite low. Take 24,25,27 series to jayanagar and take 13,20,27,29,210 series to Shantinagar from there

Bus route from Vijayanagar to Koramangala

Can anyone suggest bus number fro m Vijayanagar to Koramangala.Is 401 the right Bus.If so which is its route.

K-3 is the direct bus and

K-3 is the direct bus and runs via Attiguppe, MCTC ,Chamrajpet ,Basavanagudi , Jayanagar, Bannerghatta road forum, koramangla water tank and jakkasandra to koramangla bus stand.Bus runs every 10-15 minutes once. ss

bus direction

Is there a direct bus from arekere gate to Baldwin girls high school richmond road. If so where do i get down as there is a lot of oneways etc.If there is no direct bus could you please help me with the direction and where yo board the second bus to reach
Tjanks for your help

Take Big-10(G-4) to Richmond

Take Big-10(G-4) to Richmond road junction and walk down from there. return too you can take the bus from there itself

JP nagar 2nd phase to forum bus


Can you tell me which buses can go from jp nagar to forum.
I need buses from forum to jp nagar 2nd phase also.


From Ragigudda arch take 201

From Ragigudda arch take 201 series to madiwala and take any majestic/market/shivajinagar bus from there

buses from majestic to reach bagmane tech park.

plz let me knw the bmtc buses to much time it might take...frm majestic to btp?

314B and 314H. will take

314B and 314H. will take about 45-65 minutes ss

Direct Bus from Domlur to Shanthi Nagar Bus Stand

please tell me which bus number will go from Dolmur to Shanthi Nagar Bus Stand frequently..

Direct bus not available.

Direct bus not available. From old airport road take any market/majestic bus to richmond circle signal and take 13,20,32,34,37,210,166 series buses to Shantinagar bus stand-Shantinagar bus stand is about 1.5 kms from Richmond circle signal which means minimum charge by auto too. ss

regarding bus driver and condouctor of 600K at evening 5.15

regarding bus driver and condouctor of 600K at evening 5.15 it statrs from narayana hurdayalaya, driver mahesh and manjola, they ll do parshality by giving stops, if ask they ll come for fight, kindly give me the feedback change both peoples by that it ll be helpfull to peoples.

Bus No

Hi pls can you help me out with bus number from Mahalakshmi Layout (1st Block) To Manyata Tech Park (Hebbal Outer Ring Road).

From west of chord road take

From west of chord road take 401 series to BEL circle(401B,401K) and take 502A,501E,601 etc to Manyata Tech park from there

bmtc bus route

Dear Sir,
Pl. run the bmtc bus in between Hebbal to jalahalli cross via vidyaranyapura
( ie via kodigehallli gate kodigehallli, thindlu, vidyaranyapura, m.s.palya,gangammacircle,K.G.halli ajalahalli cross, peenya, guruguntepalya,
BEl circle Hebbal and opposite direction
this may help to kodigehalli, thindlu,vidyaranyapura poeples to reach
to reach jalahalli cross and sorounding area
thanking you

shortest route from begur to jp nagar Ist phase

please suggest me shortest route from begur to J p nagar ist phase . either by bus or by other way

From Begur take a bus to

From Begur take a bus to Bommanhalli and take 410 or 600 series to J.P.Nagar signal and take 2 from there to 1st phase. ss

Bus from New BEL Road to Bull Temple Road

please tell me the buses going from New BEL road to BMS College,bull temple road in its shortest route. are there any volvos? and also tell how the frequency of the buses are. thank you.

bus no. from btm water tank

bus no. from btm water tank to sangeetha jc road bangalore?

25,25A, 25B, 25F, 25G, 25J,

25,25A, 25B, 25F, 25G, 25J, 25N, 343B, 348G, 162, 162A will take you to J.C.Road ss