How to get bus route (BMTC) and timing information for Bangalore

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Are you new to Bangalore and are trying to figure out bus route and timings?  Finding it hard to figure out which bus to take and when?  Follow these simple guidelines to get BMTC bus route and timings in Bangalore.



BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) now offers bus route and timing information on their website.  Currently this site only offers bus route information where a single bus route connects 2 destinations.  In case there is no direct bus to your destination you will have to enter one of the 3 Central Bus Stations/Stands - Shivajinagar Bus Stand, Kempegowda Bus Stand or K R Market.  Once you get the bus routes to a Central Bus Stand now get a 2nd route from the bus stand to your final destination.  You can also get scheduled bus timings for each route.


Mapunity has started a new website: BTIS.  Click on the Bus Route link where you can enter your origin and destination localities to get bus recommendations.  Similar to the BMTC site this site also does not support in-direct bus routes.  So follow the instructions above when a single bus route does not connect your origin to your destination.  This site does not offer bus timings yet.


Volvo Buses

Route information, timing and other details for Volvo/Vajra buses can be found at BMTC Volvo


  • Check with any localites to make sure you get better recommendations for bus travel.
  • You can pay fares by cash or buy passes here


  • Buses in Bangalore do not always operate according to schedule.  Traffic delays normally cause buses to run behind schedule.
  • Always check with other people waiting at a bus stand to confirm that the bus you are interested in, stops at the bus stand!


137 A which is from Choudeswari bus stop to Jeevan bheema nagar

Hello Sir,

Request you to prepone the dispatching time of subjected bus to 8 pm instead of 9 pm from Choudeswari bus stop of matthikere.Lots of memeber from that side daily moves to jeevan bheema nagar and every one wants that bus for that time.

Thanks and regards,


Please mail your suggestion

Please mail your suggestion to It will be considered seriously

Volvo 500 series Buses from BSK and ITPL

There is no proper schedule of volvo buses which are starting from BSK and ITPL. Some times there is no Gap between two buses i.e. One bus is going behind another bus and after that there is no bus for 30 Mins .Example there is no bus going to BSK from ITPL at 18.50 to 19.30. Somebody should moniter the buses and check whether they are running accordingly. Some TC should be kept in both the place, So that he will give atleast 5-7 Mins Gap inbetween Two Buses.
Please do the needful for the same.

Volvo 500 series Buses from BSK and ITPL


Its related to the suggestion dated august 31st 2009.

I dont think so wht action has taken for this issue.. its the same problem arriving day to day..

please take proper action.. Somebody has to take serious aciton.

every time morning 500 Volvo series will come like continuously.. after some time there will be no buses.. its really very horrible

500 c from itpl to Banashankari are very less

500 c from itpl to Banashankari are very less these days . We are only seeing 335 e buses but where are the 500c busses. we are suffering so much . we have to take 3 connecting busses thesedays .. one to agara or silboard and from their to banashakari....please do the needull

bus services

please start bus services from HAL to banashankari as common people face a lot of problem to commute in peak hour changing two to 3 buses everytime

V 335EA bus timimg

Can you please tell me V 335EA (YESHWANTPURA to ITPL) ?

A - Z information available. official web site of BMTC

check this... official web site of BMTC

kindly exdend bus rute 241D Via Chalukya and AGs office

Dear sir
Iam very happy to say that the bus rute no 241D from BHARAT NAGAR to KAVERI BHAVAN every day at 9.05AM. My requist is Kindly change the rute via Chaluky(RC COLLEGE) AGs office, and maharani collage. It is very useful to POWER CORP. KHANIJA BHAVAN,HIGH POINT,DRUG HOUSE, AGs, KPSC OFFICE EMPLAYES and RC COLLEGE STUDENTS,(at present its going via Maharani college, KR Circle and Kaveri Bhavan)
kinly do the needfull in this matter please.
thanking you

bus route

My maid wants to travel from Mount Carmel College to Nagwara.She is not able to get buses to n fro .thanx.

Take a shivajinagar bound

Take a shivajinagar bound bus to vasanthanagar and take 290,291 or 292 series or G-10 to Nagawara from there. ss

Bus Stops

After a long time i travelled by bus yesterday, i almost travelled in 6 buses yesterday and found that the seats of the buses were in very bad condition and also none of the buses stop in Bus stand, unfortunately it was a rainy day and to catch a bus people had to run behind the bus to get in to the bus.



will you please give the details of buses to reva institute of technology and management ,jala hobli ,yelahanka from shivajinagar. Please. Mail me.

Bus route from ulsoor to new bel road

Hi i want to know the bus route from ulsoor to new bel road.....

Regarding BusRoute

I want to go Bangalore International Airport from doddanakundi bus stopg.wil you plz tell me the route and timings of the buses .And plz reply it in my

Bus from Doddanakundi to Airport.

Catch Volvo Bus BIA 8 or BIA 8A from Ring Road, which goes to the airport.
If these buses dont stop at Doddanakundi, then take 500A/D, go to Hebbal, and from there, you get a lot of buses.

install cooling filaments for the window glasses of volvo bus

during after noon times the cooling was not retained in the bus due to high temperature and summer season is comming so you please take the steps to install cooling glasses slowly for everybus and make it for free by getting sponsors

Hi, Could anyone tell me

Could anyone tell me which route to take? Is there a volvo from Sarjapur-ORR junction to Majestic? If not, any volvo from HSR Layout BDA complex to Majestic? Also, what is the frequency of the volvos on these routes?

V333W - Sarjapur Road to Majestic

Route KBS (Majestic) to SJP
KBS (Majestic) -> Maharani college -> Mayo Hall (MG Road) -> Command Hospital -> Domlur -> NAL -> HAL main Gate -> Marathalli Bridge -> Bellandur -> Iblur -> Kaikondranahalli -> Doddakanneli (Sarjapur Road)

SJP to KBS (Majestic)
Doddakanneli (Sarjapur Road) -> Kaikondranahalli -> Iblur -> Bellandur -> Marathalli Bridge -> HAL main Gate -> NAL -> Domlur -> Command Hospital -> Mayo Hall (MG Road) -> Maharani college -> KBS (Majestic)

0630 0700 0725 0755 0825 0850 0920 0950 1015 1045 1115 1140 1235 1305 1330 1400 1430 1455 1525 1555 1620 1650 1720 1745

0735 0825 0850 0920 0950 1015 1110 1140 1205 1235 1305 1330 1400 1430 1455 1525 1555 1620 1715 1745 1810 1840 1910 1935

Could you please give me the

Could you please give me the bus route number and also the timings for busses between Doddakannelli to Shivaji Nagar (to and fro)? Your information would be indeed great help to me.

Take volvo 333W to Domlur

Take volvo 333W to Domlur and take a bus to shivajinagar from there

333 w

Can you please tell me the timimg of 333W at kemp fort in morning. As I have tried a number of times between 8:50-9:20Am, but I never got this riute to Bellandur during this time


oooohhhhhoooooooooo, duddu

oooohhhhhoooooooooo, duddu nim appa kodtara

There are 2 buses to shivaji

There are 2 buses to shivaji nagar from Doddakannelli - Route number 330D and 342R
But the buses are not very frequent.......

there is no direct bus

there is no direct bus service from hsr bda to majestic... but there is a bus service from parangi palya (hsr) to majestic,and reach marathalli to find more buses to majestic... another option is from koramangala...jakkasandra...

Buses from Mathikere to E-City.

Dear sir / Madam.

We have around 1000's of employees working from Mathikere at electronic city. Kindly arrange volve bus specially during office hrs via yeshwanthpur.

cvraman nager- Koremanagala

Please tell the bus timing from CV ramannager to koremangala and vice-versa.


Bus has been introduced on volvo route no. 201R that passes through indiranagar, domlur over bidge, dell, koramangla water tank to banashankari-srinagar.

wat is d timin for 201R..4rm

wat is d timin for 201R..4rm kormangala water tank to cv ramana nagar..vat tim does it reach koramangala water tank.

every 15-20 minutes

every 15-20 minutes

bus route from lal bagh main gate to baldwin methodist collage

respected sir ;
I Toufeeq shaikh reguest u to mail me some bus number which will take me to my collage which is in hosur road richmound town my collage name is baldwin methodist collage ...i stay in mavalli and i have to climb bus from lal bagh main gate and get down near shati nagar and have to walk half a mile to my colge ....please help me
by saying me the route to baldwin methodist collage
Thanking You

Very good post, thanks a

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Bus from koramangala to CV raman Nagar


Request for a new route

Respected Sir,
I live in Vyalikaval and i do not have a direct bus to Marathalli,it is becoming difficult for me to commute on a daily basis. please put a but on this route it might help meny people. I have to change 3 busses every day and by the time i reach office i am exosted. Please help
Regards, '

the best way is to take a

the best way is to take a bus no. 104 to majetsic and take 333 .that is the easiest way to marathalli

urgent:bus route no from Kempegowda Bus Stand to Rajarajeshwari

What is the bus route no from Kempegowda Bus Stand to Rajarajeshwari nagar?



timing of bus rouat & no. of bus

please let me know the no of the bus & time at the mrng around at 5 o'clock from the J.P.nagar or jayanagar to K.R.puram raliway station.
as i need to catch the train of mrng 7 o'clock.

2-a,b,c,d... to corporation

2-a,b,c,d... to corporation circle...317 from.. there....

bus route and timing


I want to know whether there is a volvo bus route from Marathahalli to Dairy Circle in the morning. If it is there what is the time? From the BMTC site I understand that 500N route is "Banashankari, Jayadeva Hospital, Bangalore Dairy circle,St. Johns Hospital, Koramangala, Agara, Marathahalli".



I Love U parvathy

Bus route to Girinagar

Due to nurm project at kaderanahalli signal we are not able to reach dayananda sagar college at time. there will be huge traffic jam between 8.30am-10.00am and the college starts at 9. So kindly provide us new bus route from dayananda sagar college (Kumaraswamy layout) to girinagar as we dont have direct bus from there.

Hi, Please can you let me


Please can you let me know the timings of 500N buses (morning and evening). Morning araival time at Dayanand Sagar college and evenings araival time at Dairy circle.

It would be very kind of you.


Route Info & Timings

Can you tell me which volvo a/c bus I need to take from JP Nagar to Big Bazaar - Old Madras road? Also what are the timings of the bus in the morning between 8 - 9? Which is the closest stop to JP Nagar 7th Phase?
Thank you

take 500 a or d from

take 500 a or d from banshankari, den 317 from opposite bustop at
tin factory ..

bus no. from banerghatta road to airport

plz can nebody lemme know the bus no. at 2o'clock which goes dierectly or indirectly to the airport from banerghatta road ...

BIAS 1 and BIAS 12

BIAS 1 and BIAS 12

bus from the millenia ulsoor, murphy road

pl let me know the timing and exact bus stop for bmtc buses to devanahalli airport from The Millenia, near Ulsoor lake

Inquiry about bus route

I have to go to Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Vimanpura post from Banglore City railway station/APSRTC Bus stand. Can any one plz help me by telling the bus route to catch and the time it will take to reach there.
If possible can u also give info about any hotel to stay there? plz

Bus from Jaya deva flyover to Airport at morning 4:00 A.M

Please tell me whether buses are available from Jayadeva to Airport aound morning 3:00 Am to 4:00 A.M?????


hello sir,

I need to get the bus at shanthinagar busstand,I am staying inITPL now,I am new to the city also,can u say me how can i get the shanthinagar busstand from ITPL.

Any bus from ITPL towards

Any bus from ITPL towards Majestic and market pass through richmond circle. Get down at the circle signal. Shantinagar is hardly 1 km. from there


Dear Sir,

I would like to know about volvo bus from cvraman nagar to devanhalli airport.

Dr. Manish


how to reach amrutha nagar main road from majestic

route no. 215NA from

route no. 215NA from majestic. Better take a 12 to Banashnakari or 12B to yediyur and catch 215 from there which has a better frequency.

Bus route number and timing

What is the bus route number and timing from kalyan nagar to radha swami satsang beas, near parle biscuit factory, Darashalli, Peenya Industrial suburbs,Nagsandra.

There is no direct bus.Take

There is no direct bus.Take 502A or 600 to Gorguntepalya and catch any bus on route no. 258 from there.

Volvo Bus 600K timings

Sir, BMTC is doing an excellant job wrt Volvo Services.
Many offices in the Electronic city area start function at 7:30 / 8:00 am. The first service of Volvo starts at 7 or 7:30 am. We request the Corportaion to kindly consider introducing an earlier schedule of Route No 600K Vijayanagar to Electronic City such that the Bus reaches Electronic City by 7:30 -7:45.



There'z a 600KA bus that departs Vijayanagar at 6:35am and reaches E-City around 7:45am. However, this bus terminates at E-City.

600K/KA Schedule Pls


Could any of you give me the schedule of 600K or 600KA ?


bus route no.

Dear sir/madam
i want to know the bus route no from Hennur depot/ hennur main road to whitefield (ginger hotel) & also from whitefield to Hennur/ hebbal with the timings

thanks & regards

500DB from Hennur ring road

500DB from Hennur ring road signal to Whitefield area

How to reach from Arekere

How to reach from Arekere Gate to Yeshwanthpur

reach majestic

there are lot of buses plying between yeshwantpur and majestic. Take any bus on route no.365 or any of the 365 series from platform 14 to arekere gate

365 o kbs and any bus

365 o kbs and any bus between 250 and 276 to yeshvantpur

I wnts bus route from ulsoor to vijaya nagar (RPC Layout)


I wnts bus route from ulsoor to vijaya nagar (RPC Layout)

Malleshpalaya to Kids kemp

which bus form malleshpalaya to kids kemp what time and bus number

Bus from Marathali to New Airport

Please tell me bus number,when and where it stops?

New air port buses

There are BIAS -6 From Kadugodi which goes through Marathahally. These buses are in a frequency of an hour. starts from 6 AM. These may stop at the Marathahally bus stop. There are starting buses from HAL also.



Could u please tell me the

Could u please tell me the bus route frommathikere to koramangala as soon as possible?

Bus no. 173A goes from

Bus no. 173A goes from mathikere to koramangala. but the frequency of the route is very low. It is better o take 99B to majestic and take 171 from there. Or Get down at yeshvantpur circle and take 205. But this is a circular route which goes all around. by the way where in koramangala do you have to go?

211N bus timings

i just want to know the bmtc bus route number timings from K R market and Bidadi

thank you

211N is quite a rare route.

211N is quite a rare route. 226 is a frequent route to Bidadi than 211N. 211N has only 1 bus running throug it whereas 226 from market to bidadi is a frequent one with 10 minutes frequency.there is a bus at 6:00 am from bidadi in 211N

concession to senior citizens in bus travel.

There has been no clear cut order regarding the fare concession to senior citizens. Please clarify whether the concession is available in all buses except Volvo/AC buses or only in ordinary buses. While some of the conductors of BMTC white buses refuse to give the cooncession, some other give the benefit. Some conductors refuse to accept the election iD card as proof of age. May i request you to give clear cut guidelines to the conductors in this regard. It would also be useful if the detasils are published in the daily newspapers. I have been put to lot of difficulties by the attitude of conductors. I am aged 74)Thanking you..

Please send me the BMTC BUS

Please send me the BMTC BUS routes from Majestic to Doddaballapur.

285M is BMTC service

285M is BMTC service available from majestic having frequency of about a bus every 15 minutes. KSRTC buses start from Cauver bhavan(Mysore bank)

Please send me the BMTC BUS

Please send me the BMTC BUS rotes from shivajinagar to doddaballapur.

Dodballapura buses start

Dodballapura buses start only form Cauvery bhavan. To catch them better to take buses on route no.278 to Mekhri circle and catch 285M from there


we need your help for knowing the bmtc daily schedule for city tour. pls inform me immediately.

Is there any direct buses

Can u tell me is there any direct bus from Indiranagar depot (old madras road) to Vijayanagar? If is there can u tell me timings?


Route no.205 is there quite

Route no.205 is there quite frequent but is a circular route and hence will consume time to travel to vijayanagar. it is beter to travel via majestic which is faster. route no. 62 poerates but is quite infrequent route

Volvo bus route

Can u tell me any volvo bus timing from bellandur to KPIP (500n.500k) between 7.00 and 7.45pm.


bus route

can u suggest a bus route from ESI rajajinagar to shanthinagar BMTC bus stand?

Take a bus to Majestic. From

Take a bus to Majestic. From platform 14 take any bus between 340 and 365(except 364 series) ,171 series etc will take u to shantinagar. route no. 77S is direct but low frequency.

Please can you let me


Please can you let me know the timings of 364 buses (morning and evening). Morning araival time at East end and evenings araival time at Apollo hospital.

It would be very kind of you.


busroute from cubbon park to beninganahalli ( near tin factory)

Hi ,

Pls help me with the bus route from cubbon park to beninganahalli ( near tin factory )bustop. and vice versa.


due to the metro rail

due to the metro rail project buses to tin factory stop from shivajinagarat indian express itself. Buses going towards hosakote and kadugodi via k.R.Puram(311, 312, 317G )go via tin factory. a few buses in that route go towards shivajinagar and their frquency is quite good.(at indian express if u see any number between 311 & 313 and b/w 315&320 they go via tin factory)

Bust Time and Route info

I need to know which bus is going from madiwala to CV raman nagar
also i need the timings of Volvo bus in the same route.

volvo is route no. 201-R

volvo is route no. 201-R goes via madivala having frequency of a bus every 1/2 an hour.