How to bowl the "Carrom" ball like Ajantha Mendis

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Ajantha Mendis the new spin sensation from Sri Lankan Cricket is tying batsman in knots with his spin variations and his dreaded “carrom ball”. Here is how you can learn to bowl the carrom bowl like Ajantha Mendis. Once you learn the basic concept you can create many spin variations.

Things You'll Need

  1. A love for cricket and spinning
  2. Expertise at playing carroms
  3. A Strong Middle Finger!!
  4. Motivation to practice a lot!



The carrom ball is similar to the “Doosra” that Muthiah Muralitharan delivers. It is a delivery normally delivered by an off-break bowler but only it behaves like a leg-break ball. While Murali delivers it by turning the palm of his hand towards himself and by flicking his wrist, Ajantha Mendis delivers it differently.


The Grip To bowl the Carrom ball that behaves like a Doosra - Hold the ball as show in the picture with the seam facing gully. Place the index finger on the seam and the thumb below the ball. Essentially you’re gripping the ball between your thumb and index finger. Now place your middle finger folder underneath the seam of the ball (similar to how you get ready to srike a carrom with your middle finger), supporting the ball.


At the time of delivery Push your middle finger out (similar to the strike in caroms) by flicking it quickly. This causes the ball to not only spin like a regular leg-break but also provides it the additional lateral force to skid or shoot through causing further difficulty to the batsman.


Bowling other variations By using this concept of flicking your finger (or squeezing the ball out) with other grips you can get a similar spin/shoot combination on an off-break, leg-break, etc.


  • Watch videos of Ajantha Mendis in the coming weeks as he is sure to cause a sensation.
  • Continue to work on strengthening your fingers so that you can continue to deliver the flicking action.
  • You can also get a very good effect by starting of with a cricket-tennis ball for practice.


Don’t make the carrom ball your stock ball. Instead use it as a surprise variation to confuse batsmen.


Ajantha Mendis ( Carrom Ball)

he is the one and only bowler who brought down indians in a shame way. he is the best and he will be the best in the future. and hope he will be the best friend of yuvraj till he ends up with cricket

Mendis cant able to take

Mendis cant able to take wickets as he likes.. He is a good bowler.. But he is sorted out already by India and PAkistan... Other countries will soon decode him and make him a normal bowler... Dont bet on mendis in future... He cant be like muttiah.. Murali is a master...

Carrom ball has given birth

Carrom ball has given birth to new words like Carromed-out / Carrom Break / the Carrom / Carrom Spin / Carrom Spinner / Carrom Bowling.
Reading articles by cricket journalists it is obvious the Carrom Ball is different to leg or wrist spin and off or finger spin. Therefore Carrom Ball has created a cricketing revolution by forming a third category of spin bowling after Leg Spin and Off Spin. It is called Carrom Spin.

Ajantha Mendis

I am a student and I am following his footsteps


He has become so popular in

He has become so popular in a very short span of time and his talent is worth watching, whenever he bowls, the feeling creates fear in the heart of the batsman.

I think you are right Mr.

I think you are right Mr. Blackjack, it is clear that talent will take it's worth.

I think mendis is sorted out

I think mendis is sorted out by indians now........

Finger bowling or carrom Bowling

in Karachi Pakistan we play the cricket and i use to bowl the same as mendis we call it finger bowling there are just few bowlers who could bowl the carom bowling or the finger bowling this kind of bowling is always helps the bowler to take wickets and save the runs so the good finger bowler is always is the match winning bowler...... cause at the same time in same action the finger bowler could deliver two way breaks lag break and the gougli.... so the bats man could not make the room to play easy shots....