How to stay slim and look young without Exercise or Dieting

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Most Indians like staying slim and looking young but have problems exercising or staying on a health diet. By changing some life habits you can actually keep yourself trim even without exercise or dieting.

Things You'll Need

  1. Strong desire to stay trim and fit and continue to look young
  2. Maintain a positive attitude and be patient until you find results Curb your desires to binge eat and to reduce



Increase your intake of water - Drink as many glasses of water as possible at an average of 1 big glass an hour. The toxins in the body get flushed out, giving you a feeling of fullness at the same time.


Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals - Eating small but frequent meals will prevent body from storing excess calories as fat which leads more toned appearance. Serve yourself half of what you really want to eat. You can start by eating ¾ of what you really want then gradually start eating only half.


Start off with a Health Breakfast – Eating a healthy breakfast rich in protein and fiber will fill you up resulting in smaller meals for lunch and dinner. Try multi-grain bread or cereal, egg-whites and fresh fruit for a healthy breakfast.


Eat Fruits instead of Juices - Instead of juices, start eating whole fruits, which are more filling and have more fiber. Choose whole nuts like pistachio or peanuts or whole fruit instead of canned ones. Peeling the fruit or shelling the nuts would take time gives you satisfaction of having eaten.


Avoid fast foods and bakery products. You don’t know how much fat or oil goes into these products. Also avoid eating much food at parties and restaurants. When cooking at home reduce the use of oil by 50%, reduce or eliminate fried foods and dishes. Switch to Olive Oil or any other low-cholesterol oil. Replace whole milk with non-fat or reduced fat milk. Also reduce the amount of sugar in your diet by using sugar substitutes or eliminating the use of sugar.


Include exercise with a fun activity – Try to get exercise out of an activity that is fun for you. Playing a game or a sport, teaching your kids how to ride a bicycle or to swim can give you good exercise as well. Avoid the car and walk (or use public transportation) to do your shopping or when going to meet your friends. Take your family to a park or a large shopping center.


At Work – Walk around the office when meeting with your colleagues. Avoid the elevator and use the stairs. Use the stairs to go to a bathroom that is a couple of floors higher. Park your car as far as possible from your office to give you a few extra minutes of walking.


  • Make it a habit of eating a bowl of salad at beginning of the meals.
  • Use small plates so that you derive satisfaction of having eaten a plate full Chew longer before swallowing for more satisfaction
  • Make a note of what all you are eating per day and count the calorie intake cut off some items next time to reduce calories.
  • Chosing foods with more bran and fiber keeps you full longer, and helps the body to better digest fat and cholesterol Eating more protein rich food with less calories also helps.
  • Taking skimmed milk or curds provides calcium,which helps in weight loss.
  • It is a myth that afternoon nap adds to your weight. You need regular rest to regain energy.


  • The above steps and tips can help you maintain your weight. If you need to lose weight then you should consider a regimen of exercise and diet.
  • Remember that it is the healthy look that makes you look beautiful. If you overdo and look famished ,the very purpose is defeated.


How tostay slim and remainyoung

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how to stay slim

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how to stay slim

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Stay skinny

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