How to apply for a Passport in India

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The process of getting an India passport has been simplified. By following the instructions provided you can plan ahead and get your passport quickly and hassle-free. The Regional Passport Offices issues it, after checking the relevant papers submitted and police verification. It usually takes 25 –30 days to get a regular passport.

Things You'll Need

  1. 6 passport size photos(3.5 X3.5 cm)
  2. age proof certificate (those born after Jan 26th ’89 must MCH birth certificate, or Domicile certificate from any Educational institute or an affidavit duly notarized)
  3. 3 documents for Proof of residence (ration card, water bill, electricity bill, voter’s card, letter issued by income tax dept. or bank account)



The application can be obtained for Rs.10/- from, regional passport office or legal publication institutes


A personal letter from the applicant along with the required documents can be submitted even through a representative.


A token must be obtained while submitting the application and according to the number the application is accepted.


Applications are accepted in head post offices and speed post offices. On line facility is also available.


PASSPORT FOR MINORS Approval letter from parents is mandatory while applying for a passport for a minor Birth certificate and proof of residence and Xerox copy of the passport of either of the parents are to be submitted along with the application


INSTANT PASSPORT (TATKAL) In cases of urgency “Tatkal” scheme can be applied A letter of endorsement of the identity of the applicant, by Govt. Secretary or Police Commissioner is mandatory for Tatkal(instant) Passport. Even MROs or Circle Inspectors can give a letter to that effect with a Xerox copy of the photo identity cards. The charges for Tatkal- Rs.1500/- additional fee.


The tarrifs are as follows:

  1. (TARIFF) Passport (valid for 10 years) Rs.1000-00
  2. Minor Passport Rs. 600-00 Expiry renewal Rs. 1000-00
  3. Duplicate (when lost) Rs. 2500-00
  4. Tatkal scheme Rs. 1500-00


Beware of using brokers or agents for getting your passport! Quite often you will end paying more money and you might not receive your passport any sooner!


draft for charges favouring

happy to get full particulars about how to get passport. in that, to pay the charges (fees) to get passport, i can have purchase draft in whose favouring. it should be noted in your guidance. thank u

it will take 4 to 6 months

it will take 4 to 6 months to get passport in regular scheme at chennai passport office. .

it take ages to get indian

it take ages to get indian passport. I followed up passport office 12 times gave money here and there. then i got my passport after 6 months. actually i was offered a job in dubai but becos of this passport issue i cant join company its sounds ridiculous. u know in singapore it take only 2 days to get passport and here it takes 6 months wow so slow lah and top of that india wants to get top spot in world cannot lah its only dream in virtual world not real world.

i am in vellore how many

i am in vellore how many days to get a passport

issuing passport

surely it will take 45 working days from the date of you applied .

How to get a passport!

You have to bribe the police, and concerned authorities to get a passport
It' s tragic, but it is a fact!


Iam living in a rented house,i do have only a bank account as an address proof . can i apply for a passport. what are the other documents that would required in my case

Now can i apply pass port and what i got the grades in pass port

Iam 20years old, now iam studying in pune in aircraft maintainence enginering. And my negative place is vizag in andhra pradesh and now i have only my diploma certificates,driving licence and my pan to the passport in pune and where can i apply.

Passport name printed erroneously

My father received his passport recently.
But his name is printed wrong (a letter is missing in his Given Name).
We had filled application form and every document given to them correctly. When we gave the application form they have given the receipt also with the right name. We also have copies of all these documents to prove it.
It is the mistake from passport office during printing. If we want to correct this how long will this process take? and which office should we contact?
We reside in bangalore.
Kindly repond.

you can contact psk for that

you can contact psk for that kind of errors they change the correct name after veryfiyin wheather the imistake is urs or their if it is their mistake they change the passport by them selves otherwise its upto ur cost

Passport for foreigners

Am Iranian female married to an Indian ,for last 6 years how can i apply for passport am living in india since i got married .



i belong frm UP.& I lived wth my family frnd in bank statm is thereas my else i have to give for tatklal home town is in allahabad.....
thankng u

passport for under 18 years


can a candidate apply for individual passport who has not completed 18 years and is not 16 years only?
How many months does it take to get a new passport when it is applied in Bangalore?
If the father has any police recrods, can the son get a passport?
Can the child get passport based on the passport of his/her mother alone?

how to apply passport

I am in jaipur,my hometown in Orissa. How can i apply passport from here.I have only PAN card no voter id for identification.Is PAN card is enough to apply or passport.

how to apply for passport

i am 40 years old. but i lost my 10th and birth certificate.
i have an voters id card, driving license and a bank account.but no ration card. my husband has got his certificates but no ration card and no passport.
my son has a passport. so can u pls help me and my husband do to get a passport??

Related documents need for passport apply...

I am also 55 years old.But i lost my 10th and birth certificate.I also have an voters id card,bank account,ration card.I have two sons and they are having their passports.So can u pls help me for get a passport.I am citizen of india and staying in Hisar(Haryana) right now...Thanks

How to apply passport for my son?

I am statying UAE.My wife and son is in Kerala? I need to apply for pass port to My wife and son(age 9 month) ? what is process getting urgent those passport?


I am an PostGraduate student. I only have my degree certificate and , Ration card. i dont have an I-card, How could i apply for a passport with these limitations

passport application documents

My passport got expired so i want to do renewal. I dont have my parents, till last August 2008 i used to be in the hostel and I have completed my Bsc Nursing.. Since 1 year I am staying at my Uncle's house. I dont have Ration card and voters ID. For applying for the passport i have my Driving licience, Photo ID Card, +2 certificate, University certificate, bank passbook and Community certificate only as a proof.. I would like to know whether i can apply to get a new passport?? Please do me the needful.

Reg: Police Clearance Certificate

I need a Police Clearance certificate from the Vizag Passport office for getting Belgium VIsa.
I downloaded the form2 from the website. I want to know if i need to append any additional certificates along with the form2 and the number of days it would take for getting the police clearance certificate.

adress proof for my wife

i am residing in sirsi since 3 yrs. my wife does not have any adress proof in her name in sirsi. all her adress proof & voters id are in mysore in her parents house adress. can i show my adress proof as hers along with a notary affidivit .or what should i do? do tatkal passports need renewal after 6 maoths
kindly reply

yes u can

yes u can

mistake in father's name in my passport

hello sir

well there is a printing meistake in my fathers name on the last page of my passport what should i do to get it rectified can anyone tell me

contact [passport office for

[passport office for it]

Passport without voter id card


I need to apply for passport on urgent basis. I have my PAN card, ration card but i donot have my voter id, water bill, electricity bill, or bank account( bank account has my office address ) Need to know how can i apply for it.

xerox copy of passport

Can i get xerox copy of my passport thru' online ?

Iam living in a rented

Iam living in a rented house,i do have only a pan card.How can i apply for a passport? what are the other documents that would required in my case

How long does it take to obtain an Indian passport?

HI, some people say, it takes 2 months. some say 4 months. Is there any statements? could show us how long it would take to get passport.

i am damp sure if u apply

i am damp sure if u apply passport in normal it will take more than 40 day to get your passport. really it is very slow process. great! our indian govt.


I have only bank account in bihar . and pan card in delhi and dreivery lisense make in nagaland but addresss give in bihar . canb i apply in passport . i am 19 yearsold and i read in CA. but my father have voter id card phone bill and oter thing . please reaply

tatkal passport process

Dear sir / madam,

Kindly tell the whole process of tatkal passport bcoz i have got a offer in UK & company wants to copy of my Passport just tell me now what can i do for the same...



i am sowmya.i have ration card and bank account in SBI.i am major but i dnt have voter id card.can i apply 4 passport and please inform me further what i need to apply passport

yes, you can surely apply

you can surely apply for this but you should have your PAN card....


Hello sir/madam,

I had lost my 10th certificate.... other than that im having 12th certificate and all other documents that needed to apply for a passport. pls tell me without 10th certificate can i apply.

same problem

buddy i do have the same problem.if u get any valid reply,plz mail it to me


Good day to

My name Is YUVRAJ SHARMA.I am doing job in a small firm but now moving to an MNC.So i need a passport.I need your help to give me your suggestion about how can i apply for passport under these conditions

First In all my educational certificates ,maksheets and all educational documents from school to college ny name is written as YUVRAJ instead of my full name YUVRAJ SHARMA. In my all other douments i.e. in my PAN Card and Voter id card my name is Written as YUVRAJ SHARMA.So in my educational certificates my name is YUVRAJ but in my all govt. documents like voter id ,PAN Card,Bank account number my name is YUVRAJ SHARMA

Second problem is i don't ration card but yes i do have voter id card ,electricity bill,gas bill,PAN Card..

.So please suggest me what do i need to do.

I will be very thanful to you.

voter id card and apply the passport

Sir, I apply the passport must voter id card> how to get voter id card immediatly

voter id card and apply the passport

i I apply the passport must voter id card how to get voter id card immediatly

i dont have 10th marksheet nd only have 12th marksheet nd colle

please make my passport at any cost

passport for minor

how long will it take to get the passport for my 4 month old child under normal scheme

Reissue of Passport under Tatkal scheme without closure letter

We have shifted from Pune to Bangalore 6 months back and had applied for reissue of passport in Pune and had to cancell that as I was transfered to Bangalore after paying the necessary fee in Pune for closure. But they did not issue me any closure letter. Now when I am applying for reissue of passport under tatkal scheme in Bangalore they are saying u cannot apply under tatkal becasue of closure of passport in Pune. I have all documents for applying tatkal passport in Bangalore i.e. Form I , F, address proof and company letter. My passport closed stauts is also available on the website the printout of which I took to the passport office. Can someone help or advise what can be done in such a situation as I need to travel in weeks time.

Dude.., can u plz tell me d

Dude.., can u plz tell me d procedure for getting closure letter..??
I'm also facing similar prob like u..!!

Passport renewal required urgently


My parents are scheduled to come to the US on June 20th, 2011. They just realized that their passport expired in 2010. They need to get their passports renewed urgently (I will have to postpone their tickets anyway). The tatkal scheme for passport renewal, also, I heard takes as long as 15 to 20days. Are there any suggestions?


i have been staying at my

i have been staying at my maternal grandfather's house for the last 4 age is 20 yrs.i've PAN card.what shld i give as address proof?because electricity bill,telephone bill...the are all in the name of my grandfather....will those proofs suffice as address proof?pls reply urgently as i've to make passport pretty soon coz i got a job at MNC n they r asking for passport!

I want to apply as tatkal

I want to apply as tatkal passport but i dont have any thing as address proof, not even my bank account. i can get only a rent agreement with the house owner in which i live as tenant. is there any solution?

pls do give answer. m waiting.

Hi, I have similar

I have similar situation. Can you please tell me if it was accepted as proof or you had to submit anything else ?

Thanks and Regards,


I Lost My Ration Card What should I do any alternative proof for passport aplication.

tatkal scheme

How long does it take to get a passport under the tatkal scheme?

regarding birth certificate

i am 25 years old i want to know whether i can obtain my birth certificate now if yes please tell me the procedure.

Apply Passport without education certificate

I have Driving License, PAN Card, Bank Accounts, Voter ID Card etc except Education Certificate as I have lost all my education certificates. I need to apply for TATKAL PASSPORT. What to do if Education Certificates are not available??

passport documents

I need a passport on immediate basis,i am a major but i don't have any voter id card. i have just opened an account in a bank. So can i use the statement of this account to get a passport along with the ration card?? will it be acceptable or not? plzzz rep as soon as possible

I need a passport on

I need a passport on immediate basis,i am a major but i don't have any voter id card. i have just opened an account in a bank.i got pan card recently. So can i use the statement of this account to get a passport along with the ration card?? will it be acceptable or not? plzzz rep as soon as possible

is it must to travel abroad for the purpose of obtaining passpor

I have no intentions of travelling abroad.I want to obtain a passport for use of Id only.I work in central govt.department..But every time when I apply for an NOC,my application is rejected on the grounds that travel plans for visting a foreign country is not enclosed.Is it necessary that one must have plans/intentions of travelling abroad for thepurpose of obtaing a passport.can a passport be not issued for the sake of using it as an Id proof?

Use Aadhar Card as ID and Address Proof

I think currently we can use Aadhar card as ID for applying passport.
You can produce your Aadhar card for address proof as well.

passport applying


I belong to Bihar. but right now i am in Delhi. Can I apply for my Passport in delhi office..?? Is any additional documents are required for applying in delhi.
Awaiting Your Answers

Himanshu Raj

passport status

My passport status showing as Application has been transferred to policy section, Please See the PRO
Wht is the role of PRO here & is anything problem matic to my doc.
Pls help


can i apply from anywhere in india for india passport or is it from my regional
passport issuing office only.

Idont have educational

Idont have educational certificate nor birth certificate to show my age proof for passport what I have to do plz advise.
Awaiting for ur reply.

for passport

i dont have 10 th nd board certificates only have 12th nd college one how can i get passport i m born before 89 27 years girl


I am living in a rented house in kolkata basically I belong to jharkhand can I apply my passport in kolkata office?
I have no birth certificate to show my age proof. i do have only a pan card and bank passbook. How can I apply for passport?
Awaiting for your reply.


Unique card can use to making passport?

request lettet

how to wright a requesting letter to commissioner of police, saying that i want tatkal passport.
plz send me the letter format soon
i want it by tomorrow morning.
thank you

birth certificate is necessary or not

my date of birth is 23-12-1989 is birth certificate is necessary or not
any other process is there to apply from educational institution with birth certificate

Passport queries.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I'm a resident of Nagaland and want to apply for fresh passport. I have all the relevant documents like birth certificate, election ID card, ration card, PAN card, PO pass book, No Objection Certificate from Police Station. My query is that even if I submit "No Objection Certificate" from Police Station, will the Passport Office conduct Police Verification Process?

date of birth different in passport with educationa certificates

I am from uttar pradesh and i am working in oman for last 4 years, but i want to change my date of birth because in my passport DOB is 16.06.1979 and in educational certificates Mariculation 10th certificates is 16.06.1978, this mistake is done by passport office from where i have made this passport..Can any one give solution?

TATKAL Renewal passport with fathers name correction


I want to renew my passport with fathers name correction. When i took my passport 10 yrs back, it has got my fathers name spelled with an extra character. I didnt had time to correct it at that time. Can any one tell if any one ahd such case. I would like to renew my passport with this correction in TATKAL. I would like to know the time frame.

Adhar Card

Adhar card is not valid as address proof in passport office.

Adhar Card

Adhar card is not a valid address proof ,when u applying for a new passport in india.

Adhar Card

Adhar card is not valid as address proof in Indian Passport Department.



d.o.b change in passport and all my certificates

i was completed my i wana do m.s bt i hav prob with my passport was expired in the year 2007.and my d.o.b in passport was(25/5/1989) correct and my parents submited date of birth certificate at that time. but in ssc my d.o.b was changed by school authorities to 25/8/1990.and that was continued in all my certificates and id how can i proceed to take passport with the d.o.b which is in ssc certificate
plz sugest me which i can get my passport as early as possible...

Please Provide some guidance

I am 19 currently a student, we don't have a house of our own and at present we are living at a rented house. I was to apply for a passport but i don't have any id proof which could work as Address proof.

The documents i have is

Pan Card
Rashan card( for another address)
Birth certificate
Bank Account ( For another address)

My mother have a passport but then again the address mentioned is different from our current address...
Its becoming hard to apply for any other id proof as they keep on asking for an id of some sort. I cant apply for driving licence because of no address proof, i cant apply for voter's id for the same reason.
Please help me, my brother lives in Australia and i need a passport so that i can write my IELTS. Any advice would be appreciated.

can v apply passport with pan card

I am in hyderabad ,my hometown is rajahmundry. How can i apply passport from here.I have only PAN card no voter id for identification.Is PAN card is enough to apply or passport

I need a passport on

I need a passport on immediate basis,i am a major but i don't have any voter id card. i have just opened an account in a bank.i got pan card recently. So can i use the statement of this account to get a passport along with the ration card?? will it be acceptable or not? plzzz rep as soon as possible

where is the passport office in delhi?

i want to know the passport office in delhi.

New Passport for Child

Dear Sir,
We are Indian Citizen both are working in gulf, we need to apply new passport for my child, she is living in India. Kindly advice how to apply
Barani srinivasan

How to apply for a Passport in India | Jaanlo

I think this is one of the so much vital information for me.

And i'm satisfied studying your article. But want to commentary on some general issues, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. Excellent job, cheers

aadhar card

posible to use aadhar card as address proof and id proof to get passport.

aadhar card as address proof

Do you know any instance (for u or friend/relative of your's) where they have accepted aadhar card as address in passport office?


there us two months diffrent between my birth month in l.c and birth cirtyficate is it ok?

Mistake in fathers name.

Dear sir,

I have a querie that for Ressidence proof I have only Election card to show, but in that instead of Spelling my father name Imamsahib it has wroted Imamsahab will it work or not ply do reply for me and please give me suggestion to overcome this and also i have old expired passport alon with me.

Thanks & Regards

Shaikh aliakbar

After closed my passport application,how can i apply fresh again

Recently my application was closed,so i need to be apply my passport for freshly again,so can you tell me the what are the documents required, and how to approach, i mean we have to pay how much money again for fresh application or 1000 rs dd is enough.please let me know the details of this...

Still waiting....

I live in New York City and I applied for an Indian passport at the embassy here back in 2009. Well 3 years later I still have no passport. The embassy insisted I get an Indian passport because my father is Indian and refused me the right to get a passport from my mothers country (which she got renewed within 2 days mind you).

The embassy staff is also very rude and treat their own people worse than animals. They never answer the phone too so you have to always physically go there. Be prepared to also spend the whole day there (so take time off from work). Extremely inconsiderate.

I feel like renouncing any association I have with the country but they won't even let me do that. So unfortunately for work or vacation I cannot go overseas or cross any borders.

respected sir, sir now am

respected sir,
sir now am btech final year student. i want to write GRE exam. but i have a problem in applying for a passport.
sir i dont have voter id and ration card as proofs for applying passport. but i have birth certificate, pan card, bank account that to with only with last 1 month transactions, residence proof which i have taken from MRO office, custodain letter which i have taken from my college, if needed i will take driving liscence sir.but i cant keep my electricity bill r water bill or telephone bill as address proofs because actually in my tenth certificate my fathers name is mis printed as L.NARSIHMA instead of L.NARSIMHA. so they are not valid for to use as proofs in passport. so plz help me sir. sir plz inform wheather i above stated documents are enough. whether i need any more.

not received passport still

I applied for my passport on August 2011 from Pune. Since I had come to Pune from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) only in May 2011, I had to send two copies of the passport form. One for Pune and one for Coimbatore. My Pune police verification is over, but I have still not received any information from Coimbatore. In short, I have not received my passport yet. Moreover, I have lived in Pune for more than a year, since. What should I do?

no birth certificate

dear sir/madam,
i'm a resident of kerala and i have no birth certificate as i hadn't registered in any panchayat, they have no records of my birth. I was born on 7th dec 1990 and you have mentioned people born after 1989 requires a birth certificate. But is there any other way to apply for a passport without a birth certificate for people born after 1989. It's urgent

thanks & regards

Refusal of Tatkaal Passport

Hey, I am offered a scholarship to study in Netherlands, so I applied for a passport in tatkaal at my hometown which is in a different state from that where i have resided the last 2 years. The passport officer refused my application saying that my verification had to be done in 2 places i.e. Bangalore and Goa, so tatkaal does not apply in my case. Is this true?

how to get passport

Please refer
for further information and guidance

passport process

i'm under 18th age girl. i want to know that how much rupees need for making a passport from pune to japan for 10 days . i'm counted under government severe daughter please answer this because its urgent ..

hi sir/ma'am

i have pan card, and my dad is in army by that i have my identity card of is such a id proof that i'm government service daughter ..that is enough for making passport and their is any consesation in rupees in making passport ..
BECAUSE in everything their is conesation for army families their any consesation in making passport ,, i mean to say that any +point profit for army families while making passport