How to get NOC for bike from Hyderabad

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I just wanted to tell you my experience in getting a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for my bike since I have to take it from Hyd to Blr after my transfer. The “system” in India is one of the best (for the people who work in it and for the brokers who make money out of it) and the worst for the common man.
First of all, I did not know the details of getting a NOC. The local brokers were demanding from 1100 rupees to 1500 rupees for getting it done (even with valid documents). There was very little or no information about the process. I had to make a number of trips between Madhapur Police Station, several eseva counters (which was not needed), Traffic Control Room in Ladki-ka-pul, Police Commissioner Office in Basheer Bagh (unnecessary), Police Commissioner Office in Lakdi-ka-pul and RTO in Rangareddy district. The actual legal cost for the NOC is Rs. 150/-, but I ended up spending up spending Rs. 370/- and about 8 or 9 visits to the above places.
If you are looking to get a NOC for your bike purchased in AP (Registered in Rangareddy RTO) and not ready to bribe a broker, plz follow the steps below :

Things You'll Need

  1. Original RC book, Original DL,Original Insurance, Original Pollution certifacte and Xerox copies of them
  2. Form 28



First, visit the Traffic Control Room in Lakdi-ka-pul (it is to left of main road, just before “West-side” signal). Take your original RC card. Go to counter no. 2 (outside the office) and produce an application (write in plain paper, saying u are so and so, from so and so…asking for NOC…to transfer bike to blore). After getting signature on the application, take it to the guy in the 2nd floor in the office. He will prepare one more receipt and verify if your vehicle has any records. Take the same receipt to the earlier counter no. 2 and get the final receipt from counter no. 1. No need to pay here. (Yeah it’s a crazy process, but it is how it is)


Next, go to the Police Commissioner Office of Cyberabad (located next to Lakdi-ka-pul bus-stop) and pay Rs. 100/- to obtain the “user charge” receipt for the NOC. This should be a fairly simple process if the Commissioner is in office!!! I actually paid this “user charge” in e-seva after the advice from the Police Commissioner (Hyd) officials and found it was wrong!


Take the above 2 receipts to Madhapur police station and ask for NOC application. You need to take Xerox of Driver’s license and RC card. Incase a senior police officer is not in office, this process might take a day or two.


Now, you need to take the application given by Madhapur police station again back to the Commissioner office in Lakdi-ka-pul. You would now get a letter from Police Commissioner to RTO Head.


Finally, go to the Rangareddy RTO in Atahpur (close to Mehdipatnam). Just outside the entrance of RTO, buy a form 28 (you will get 3 copies) for 3 rupees. Fill up all 3 copies and give the same at counter no. 2 along with Xerox of insurance, pollution certificate and the letter you got above. Also take your original RC card for verification. You need to pay Rs. 50/- here. But here the system in weird. You can apply only in mornings, but collect receipts (NOC) in evenings from 4pm to 5pm. So minimum of 2 trips required here.Hope this is of some use to people who are taking NOC. Also, if you follow the above steps, you need not bribe anybody! Enjoy!!!


hi friend, this info is very

hi friend, this info is very useful....

Hei, this info was very

Hei, this info was very helpful....... Thanks.....

Very Very informative

Thanks my dear friend.

We are working to automate this world by sitting like this kind of persons and procedures.

Good Explanation ...

We need to take a print of your points before going for NOC . I was on the way
Keep it up :)

How many days it will take

Can you please tell how many days the total procedure takes place,
I am in bangalore right now , how many trips should i have to Hyderabad :)

How many days it will take

Now a days procedure is somewat speeded up. Once you receive NOC, let every one know the the procedure(if any thing changed)

awesome work dude, gud way

awesome work dude, gud way to clear up bribe!!!

thnx brother...... so nice

thnx brother...... so nice of you to take pain in writing these minute details & helping in saving others precious time & energy


Thanks for saving me from wasting hours on the RTO website and still coming out confused. :)

The info is very

The info is very helpful..


Got NOC Finally

Got Noc Finally from hyderabad to Bangalore, Now can you please suggest what is the next step, they hand over me 2 documents(Form28) with stamp done.

Humanity is still living like your help

Thanks a lot sirji.

This is verymuch thankfull to us...,

Shall we need to take Bike

Shall we need to go with the bike for this procedure. I already brought my bike to chennai and want to apply now..

Regarding bike NOC

Yes , you need to be there with your bike for NOC, break inspector will inspect your vehicle and you need to make few signatures in RTO.

As you already brought then try any local agent there ...

Thanks to Sudhakar ravirala

Sudhakar ravirala, Thank you very much!

Government processes are intentionally made complicated to encourage people to go for short cut...
Information published by people like you will help to reduce those short cuts, stop bribery and reinstate some sort of order.

I am going to get my car and bike NOC this week and I will keep you all posted for any change in process.

Jai Anna Hazare...

NOC Process

Hi Jois,
Hope you have got the clearance, pls post the process if there are any changes.


is it necessary to go to Lakdi-ka-pool police control room only?

please let me know the process of NOC. is it necessary to go to lakdikapool police control room and Cyberabad?
I stay at Secunderabad, so what should I be doing now? can u please let me know ! please!

thank U in advance... i hope u help me !

getting noc for second hand bike

i purchased a second hand bike from one of my friend.. and i want to transfer the bike to orissa . i want to know the process regarding to get NOC and registration please help me out of this issue.......?

NOC new procedure

1. To obtain N.O.C for the vehicle for no dues in traffic violations one should apply to the Dy.Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch, Branch, Police Control Room, near Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad by giving an application

2. The person should also apply for N.O.C from crime point of view to the Dy.Commissioner of Police, Detective Department, Hyderabad in writing and enclose Xerox copy of R.C. Book of vehicle and receipt of Rs.100/- e’ challan. His personal appearance is required here.

3. Candidate should produce the original R.C book of the vehicle at the time of obtaining the N.O.C.

4. After obtaining the N.O.C he/she should submit the same in concerned R.T.A office along with relevant form to get the vehicle transferred to other state of his/her choice.


Hey, As per the latest

Hey, As per the latest procedure will we get our original RC back or are they producing any other document?? My friend got a duplicate kind of RC and he kept the original with RTO itself. Please share your experience. Thanks

How Come

If once we are moved to other station, we cant take take too many leaves or else it is not possible to do everything in the weekend, this is why bribes comes in to action. though you made some good details here... I feel a person who stays in delhi cant go with this? and need NOC...

There is should be centralization and nationalization required for all the kind of things for basic utilities and motion things.......

Try to do nationlization, they made AAdhar similar USA SSN, but which flew like a joke with duplicate AAdhars as well!!!!

is there any need to only vehical owner apply for the NOC.

my brother gave to me a bike, it is regestered in medchal(hyd). now i am in b'lore. so i want to NOC. for that only my brother has to come and get the NOC or it is possible to give to me ?. plz suggest me in right way.
thank q.

I got transfered from

I got transfered from Hyderabad to Blore.After getting NOC what things need to be done.can anyone suggest me.

Gurgaon to Hyderabad


I have a car whose registration number is of Gurgaon as I have been settled in Hyderabad please suggest me how to get NOC is there any agent for the same?

> I have to ask for the same in Hyderabad or GURGAON i mean I have to beg NOC in HYDERABAD of GURAGON
> What is the fees


hyderabad to bangalore

This really helped me a lot. Although i got my crime clearance from the gachbowli commisioners office and paid little bit money to get it hand delivered rather than waiting for 8 -10 days via post.

at Attapur RTO, no need to pay attention to touts and submit the docs and u will get the NOC in the evening, 2 visits are must here.

thanks for the post.

Thanks for the valuable

Thanks for the valuable info.......iam in the same boat to Bangalore.....

lost my original rc

sir i brought a 2nd hand bike n i lost my original rc and i had signed form 28,form 30 and a xerox copy of rc from the owner ,now i wanted it to transfer it on my pls help me how to get it transfered it on my name.?????

Thnx Dude

It was simply too good an explanation.... The underlying sarcasm was subtle... What a system we have... phew!!!

Hi. Thanks for Good details.

Thanks for Good details. It will help us lot.

lost RC with NOC

Hi Thanks a lot for sharing the info. basically am from kurnool and have to move to chennai on my job so got a NOC from kurnool RTO(simply mentioned noc details in RC itself) so i carried it to chennai.Later when i got my byk back to knl with same andhra registration,i lost all of my bike docs :( when i approched rto guys they are asking me the things which are quite impossible. can some one let me know how to proceed.