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How to get job in IT sector

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The IT sector or IT enabled services are definitely the choice of the new generation .With the correct degree under one's belt one can aspire to a great career in this field

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I want to share an important knowledge with you all. Career is one of the important part of every one's life. Earning by oneself is very important and nice experence.There may many of us who may be looking for a job but dont know where to search! Yaeh! For hours we go on searching on internet to find the website that would provide us with the best career opportunity we can have. But there are very few websites that do so.

How not to get stressed out by work

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When deadlines are crunching, boss and peers are not particularly nice, client feedback has a snide remark, and you are confused about how to prioritize and manage the piling work...just relax!

How to handle group discussions and get selected

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Recruiters consider group discussion as a handy tool which works on the principle of elimination. You can evaluate a good number of candidates in a short period. If you can understand what the recruiter is looking for half the battle is won.